Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Solutions

Security Cameras and Video Surveillance Solutions

There are a lot of businesses and industries around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and the Philadelphia area that require video surveillance for their property. Whether it’s to track who’s coming and going or to ensure that there’s a watchful eye on your inventory and property, having the right video surveillance system in place is crucial.

If you’re in need of a new system or solutions for your current video surveillance, our team at Metropolitan Communications is here for you.

Avigilon Video Surveillance Systems

Our team is here to help you and your industry remain protected through our video surveillance solutions. Whether it’s a factory in the greater Philadelphia area or a municipal building in Camden County, NJ; New Castle County, DE; or Gloucester, NJ, we’re here to help.

We specialize in Avigilon systems, which offer plenty of options for your property and business. On top of having a wide selection of camera systems available, we can help you by installing the system and fixtures throughout your property. We’ll make sure that each camera is installed properly, the surveillance systems are connected, and that all corners and blind spots are covered so your team can begin securing and surveilling your property.

Cloud-Based Solutions

Gone are the days of security footage being stored on VHS tapes. The problem with this is that after the standard week or two of holding onto the footage, you erase the tape and start over, which results in a loss of potentially important evidence as well as the tape slowly losing its quality.

Today’s systems are cloud based, so you can store endless amounts of data and footage. Should an issue arise a month later, you can easily look up the footage to determine the cause of an incident or supply the authorities with evidence to ensure that justice is served. We can easily walk you through setting up your cloud storage system, so you can have direct access to the feed and stored footage.

This will help you keep track of events and incidents because you’ll have a stored database that’s labeled by date and time. Instead of having to sift through boxes of VHS tapes that take up considerable space, you simply click and sort to find the footage you’re looking for.

Installing Security Cameras

While you may have an idea of where to install your security cameras and video surveillance systems, we also have expertise in this field. Monitoring entry and exit points at your location is crucial for tracking customers, employees, and after-hours visitors.

It’s also important to make sure that inventory and safes are heavy surveilled, so in the instance that something goes missing, the incident can be tracked, and your assets are better protected.

Our team will make sure that all vantage points of your property are covered, so you’ll have a comprehensive view of both interior and exterior areas. Whether you need to check in at the front gate, the top floor, or the basement: you’ll be able to see everything clearly on the monitors.

Surveillance for Every Industry

No matter the type of business or industry you’re in, security and surveillance are crucial. Whether you’re keeping track of your team, protecting your inventory, or simply monitoring visitors and areas of your property, you’ll want to have plenty of cameras and devices in place so that your security team has everything covered.

Our security and surveillance systems are perfect for:

  • Manufacturing: There are a lot of moving parts in a factory, as well as numerous team members focused on different goals, working with different equipment. Watching over the factory floor can help to ensure safety standards are upheld and keep track of any issues.
  • Retail: When you have product for sale and customers coming in and out of your store, it’s important to thoroughly monitor your displays as part of your loss prevention plan.
  • Healthcare: Watching over patients, staff, and visitors keeps hospitals safe.
  • Government: Local government buildings that interact with the public such as police stations, should be monitored closely.

Security cameras and surveillance equipment are an important component to any business or property. Whether it’s keeping track of who comes and goes, keeping an eye on inventory and products, or merely surveilling the property during the off hours to prevent break-ins or thefts, using the latest surveillance technology is crucial.

If you’re in the market for a brand-new security system in your facility, or you’re looking to update your outdated system with the latest cameras and monitors, you can look to Metropolitan Communications for assistance. We’ll carefully inspect your facility for points of entry and exit as well as potential blind spots to provide our professional recommendation on areas that require surveillance in and around your property.

Our certified team will introduce you to Avigilon surveillance systems, so you have a full sense of the system’s capabilities and how they function. After installation and system set up, our team will run tests to make sure your newly installed surveillance system is functioning properly and you’re ready to begin monitoring your property and inventory.

Keeping Up with Video Surveillance Maintenance

While our team is here to help you design your security camera system and install the cameras throughout your facility, we’re also here to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Whether the system goes down, a camera needs repairs, or you’re in need of general maintenance, we’re available 24/7! With our available our service and maintenance contracts you’re always covered. We’ll send an expert to your location no matter the time or day to make sure your system gets repaired and is back online!

Get Started on Your Video Surveillance Solutions Today

If your property is in need of surveillance systems, you can always look to us at Metropolitan Communications for assistance. We’ll help you design the system that’s perfect for your building and business!

Contact us at Metropolitan Communications for a quote on installation. We’re happy to serve the greater Philadelphia area, as well as Camden County, NJ; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester, NJ.