Emergency Lighting Repair

When it comes to ensuring the safety of the public, it’s essential to always have a way to sound the alarm and warn others. Fortunately, the highly-qualified technicians at Metropolitan Communications are here to equip your team with the emergency lighting solutions required to help you work productively.

As a premier Integrated Wireless Solutions provider in Southeastern, PA, we serve clients nationwide with the emergency lighting options, maintenance, and installation options required to keep you moving.

With the support of our knowledgeable staff and our effective communication solutions, you’ll have all the equipment you need to ensure the safety of others.

Custom Fabrication & Service

There’s nothing more important than the safety of the emergency personnel and local authorities who volunteer to protect the community. That’s why it pays to be armed with an emergency lighting system that’s designed to work with your town’s public safety team and their emergency response vehicles.

No matter if you’re looking to outfit your tow truck with an amber light or need lighting sources for an entire fleet of squad cars, our staff proudly offers custom fabrication services. With our emergency light services and repairs, you’ll know that you’re prepared for any type of scenario.

On top of that, our emergency communication professionals provide your business with repairs on a variety of lighting brands so that you can work productively. Some of the most common brand our team works with are:

  • Whelen
  • SoundOff Signal
  • Federal Signal
  • Able 2/Sho-Me
  • Code 3 and more

In addition to our emergency lighting solutions for public safety personnel, our light options are ideal for other industries, such as education and healthcare companies.

For example, if you need a set of lights for your transportation vehicles, our telecom team will furnish you with the lights that comply with industry and safety standards. That way, your ambulance or student transportation vehicles can warn traffic in the area that you’re making a stop.

Repairs for Your Emergency Lighting System

You work around the clock to ensure the safety of local residents, so why wouldn’t you choose technicians who provide your professionals with the same support? Well, our 24/7 service and maintenance crew is ready to keep your emergency lighting system fully functional by employing their combined ninety years of experience.

From basic maintenance to emergency repairs, we’ll help you keep your system working correctly so that you can attend to a crisis at a moment’s notice.

And, if you’ve opted for our custom fabrication services, we’ll gladly install your custom communication or lighting system into your vehicles so that they’re ready to work when you need them most.

Looking for a repair to your existing emergency lighting system? Our repair shops come with large bays to accommodate vehicles of any shape or size. That way, you’ll begin each day with the automobiles that are outfitted with the tools you need to get every job done right.

Learn More About Our Emergency Lighting Repairs!

At Metropolitan Communications, located in Southeastern, PA, we want to help public service professionals nationwide by equipping you with emergency lighting repairs and solutions.

So, if your workspace or car needs a set of fully functional lights, search no further than our 24/7 maintenance and repair services. To learn more about our options and how we help business across your community, all you have to do is give us a call or request a quote today!