Communications Concerns in Local School Districts


Public Safety Officials and School District Administrators in Southeastern PA are teaming up to solve concerns over Public Safety radio systems coverage in Schools.


Public Safety systems are being upgraded to improve reliability and interoperability between users and this new technology and frequency spectrum being used posse coverage challenges in buildings.  Large facilities that host events meant to educate or entertain see the need to provide reliable in building coverage solutions. With this need to safeguard students and Public Safety users, School Districts in Southeastern PA have engaged Metropolitan – Radio Communications to provide guidance and solutions to the challenges faced in todays ever changing security climate.


Metropolitan – Radio Communications has reviewed, designed and begun to install in building Bi- Directional NFPA compliant (BDA) solutions for those Districts tasked with solving these communications challenges. A recent system has been completed and tested with the cooperation of local School Officials and their local Law Enforcement Agency. The results are “Very positive”, according to the LEO. “We tested the system in areas that we knew to be challenged with no radio coverage and we can now say the issue has been resolved!”.

Pubic Safety Bi-Directional Systems (PSBDA) have proven to enhance and/or improve radio system coverage in buildings and facilities otherwise in- operable for Public Safety users.


Once considered to be an enhancement or luxury, PSBDA’s have become required by local Townships and Municipalities who recognize the need to enhance the safety of our local Public Safety users and those who depend on our First Responders. It has become more affordable due to changes in technology and with the need to provide enhanced security in our ever-changing Society.


Scott W. Chandler

Service Manager / System Engineer, FCC, CET, ASEE