Wireless Communication Partners

At Metropolitan Communications, located in Southeastern, PA but serving nationwide, our team offers products from today’s leading manufacturers of two-way radio communications and wireless integration technologies.

Extensive experience working with names like Motorola, David Clark, Zetron and Kenwood allows us to bring you a full spectrum of communication equipment solutions, such as Motorola radio equipment, Whelen warning lights, Eventide voice logging equipment, and bi-directional amplifiers.

Our trained technicians are available to answer any of your communication questions, whether you are looking for Motorola radios and accessories, public safety mobile computers, or a wireless integrator.

We can provide full system solutions down to a couple of portable Motorola radios and will ensure your equipment is operating properly every day. With 24-hour service and qualified technicians, we can keep you communicating efficiently and productively.

As a premier Integrated Wireless Solutions provider, we’re equipped with an array of accessories to enhance your communication, including Motorola antennas, batteries, cases, chargers, earpieces, and microphones.

On top of that, we offer plenty of wireless integration solutions, such as point-to-point microwave links, which allows multiple buildings to share wireless network resources.

Contact us today for more information, request a quote, or take a look at our wide variety of wireless communication solutions.

See our entire listing of leading partners below:

  • Call 24
  • Code 3
  • Comba
  • David Clark
  • Kenwood
  • ESI
  • Eventide
  • Federal Signal
  • Gamber Johnson
  • Havis
  • 3M/Peltor
  • Motorola Solutions
  • Sho-Me
  • Soundoff Signal
  • Westell Technologies
  • Whelen
  • Zetron
  • CradlePoint