Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare

Surveillance systems can be an important part of patient and provider safety at healthcare facilities. The right system may include a variety of tools, from security cameras to storage options. Metropolitan Communications offers surveillance solutions to healthcare facilities. These solutions are designed to be an integral part of the way the facility runs and streamline operations.

Video Surveillance Systems

surveillance considerations for healthcareVideo surveillance systems help your security team keep an eye on what’s happening around your facility. With security cameras, your team can identify potential threats and respond immediately, including reaching out to first responders. Our video surveillance systems can integrate with existing technology you have present, such as two-way radios or mass alert systems.

Metropolitan Communications works with and offers products from Avigilon Video Surveillance Systems. This range of surveillance equipment offers a large selection of security cameras designed for many environments, including outdoors, storage rooms, and entrances.

Avigilon Video Surveillance Systems also offer the ability to search footage to identify specific people, as well as facial recognition, which may be helpful when identifying a suspicious person present in your healthcare facility. You can also use this system to track visitor comings and goings through specific wards.

Cloud-Based Connection and Storage

When adding a surveillance system to your healthcare facility, you must store the footage it records. This virtual footage can be held in either a cloud-based storage solution or a physical server that you house on or off-site. How long you keep the footage is up to you; the footage will not degrade like it might if stored on disc or tape. When needed you can go back to review it or pass it along to law enforcement for review if needed.

Our team can help you set up a cloud-based storage solution that meets your facility’s needs. These storage solutions can grow as your healthcare facility grows. We can also ensure that any footage stored meets HIPPA compliance to keep your patients protected.

Installation and Maintenance of Healthcare Surveillance Solutions

healthcare surveillance solutionsThe Metropolitan Communications team can install the surveillance solutions you’ve selected for your healthcare facility. We can recommend the right locations for security cameras and choose the right cameras for your facility’s specific needs. With the proper vantage points covered, your cameras can monitor entrances and exits, as well as structures like parking garages.

When your system needs routine maintenance, our team can visit again to provide it. Keeping up with routine maintenance ensures that your system functions as it should and remains in the best condition possible throughout its life. The longer your facility uses it, the more money you save over time, which can be invested in other healthcare facility needs.

Get Customized Surveillance Solutions for Your Healthcare Center Today

If your healthcare center is looking for a surveillance solution, the team at Metropolitan Communications can help. We offer customized surveillance solutions for healthcare centers, including installation and routine maintenance, to help keep your staff and patients safe.

Contact us to begin exploring surveillance solutions for your healthcare center today.

Does My Retail Business Need Security Cameras?

When considering security solutions for your retail business, you’ve likely asked yourself, “Does my retail business need security cameras?” There are many advantages of adding security cameras to your retail business, from enhancing your employees’ safety to offering customers a better experience.

Metropolitan Communications has been offering security solutions for retail businesses for many years. Below, we’ve touched on the top reasons retail businesses need security cameras to help you determine if security cameras are suitable for your business.

Security Cameras Can Help Protect Your Employees and Deter Theft

Security camera being installed at a retail businessThe presence of security cameras in retail stores can help reduce crime at your business in two ways:

  • Cameras deter theft of merchandise.
  • Cameras can protect employees and deter altercations.

Loss prevention can be a big part of a retail business’s concern about security. Security cameras can be placed conspicuously and strategically to let people know that they are present and watching for stealing. This can deter those who may steal and reduce the number of staff that you need to keep an eye out for such things. You will also have a record of any accidents, such as merchandise display collapses, that can be reviewed. Then, you can prevent this damage when putting together future displays.

Security cameras, when installed by professionals like the experts at Metropolitan Communications, can help keep your employees safe. Cameras can cover the parking lot, every part of your store, and even the back rooms. Functioning security cameras can help a security team, another employee, or a manager spot an altercation as it starts and step in to defuse the situation or contact emergency responders.

Security Cameras Can Reduce Insurance Costs

The use of security cameras can help reduce insurance premiums. This may depend on your store’s insurance carrier and the plan you’ve selected.

Insurance companies typically consider security cameras risk mitigation against fraud, property damage, and liability. Security cameras preserve evidence of an incident that insurance companies may be responsible for covering.

Security Cameras Can Help Improve the Customer Experience

Security cameraSecurity cameras can do more than prevent crime. They can help improve the operation efficiency of your retail store and create a better customer experience. Take time to review your security tapes. The video you review can help you spot:

  • Areas in your store that need more employee coverage.
  • Which hours of operation your store is busiest.
  • Customer shopping patterns can be used to design a more fluid and efficient layout.

A store that is more intuitive for a customer to shop and is staffed appropriately can make for a better experience, which means your customer is more likely to return in the future. They can find help from an employee quicker and spend less time waiting in line to check out.

Learn More About Security Cameras for Your Retail Business Today

If you want to learn more about the right security cameras for your retail business, contact Metropolitan Communications. Our team can provide security solutions customized to your retail business that help keep your employees safe, monitor your stock, and help you improve your business.

Reach out to our team to discuss security cameras for retail businesses today.

How Do I Increase My Two-Way Radio Range?

Two-way radios are an excellent communications solution for any industry. They’re durable, long-lasting, and feature advanced technology that meets your team’s needs. However, some two-way radios are restricted by a certain range, which may make communications more challenging.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions available. If you’re wondering, “How do I increase my two-way radio range?” Metropolitan Communications is here to help you find the answer.

Increase Your Antenna Height

Man in a warehouse holding a two-way radio with a long rangeThe antenna on your radio is what sends out the radio signal when in use. Many two-way radios come with the ability to swap out the physical antenna on the radio. For maximum range, consider a whip antenna. Whip antennas can be as long as six inches and are flexible for easy portability.

If your two-way radio is part of a vehicle, add an antenna to the exterior. This helps set up your radio for the best range and is an easy way to increase the height of your antenna without taking up too much space inside the car.

Enhance Your Two-Way Radio Infrastructure

The placement and type of two-way radio infrastructure you use can affect your two-way radio range. Radio signals travel in straight lines, and buildings, mountains, trees, and hills can interfere with those radio signals. Your radio tower’s antenna should be placed as high as possible to increase the signal’s range as far as possible.

If you want your radio signal to be stronger, another option is to add a repeater. A repeater picks up the initial radio signal and then repeats the signal to send it further. A repeater tower or system uses several signals to complete this process: one radio signal receives the frequency, and another sends it back out.

Bi-directional amplification (BDA) systems can help extend a two-way radio’s range inside buildings and hard-to-reach locations like parking garages or basements. These are commonly used in many buildings to ensure first responders can communicate during an emergency.

Make Sure Your Radio Is Fully Charged and Powered Up

two-way radio with long range being held by a man outdoorsA full battery and giving your two-way radio all the power it needs to function can make a difference in your radio’s range capabilities. If your two-way radio has a removable battery, consider if a more powerful battery is compatible with your radio. This can help you get more power and boost your radio signal.

Many radios come with a feature that allows you to put maximum power into the functionality of the two-way radio. This lets you transmit and receive signals as far as possible.

Unable to enhance your radio’s power any further? Get as high up as possible to ensure that the radio’s range can travel above any terrain or artificial obstacles.

Increase Your Two-Way Radio’s Range with Solutions from Metropolitan Communications

If you want to explore one of these options for increasing your two-way radio’s range, let the experts at Metropolitan Communications help. Our team can create a customized solution to help your business stay connected when on the go or even across your corporate campus. Contact us today to discuss two-way radio range solutions.

Does My Construction Business Need BDA Solutions?

Communication is the cornerstone for success in nearly every industry. From promoting collaboration to increasing efficiency to fostering a safer environment, seamless communication is always a necessity. Bi-directional amplifiers (BDAs) are a great tool for improving communication, but how useful would they be on a construction site? 

Metropolitan Communications helps you find out in the blog. As a leading provider of communication solutions, we’re uniquely qualified to take a closer look at how BDAs can improve your construction business.  

What Are BDAs? 

If you’ve ever been using a wireless device, such as a two-way radio, and the signal has been spotty, you’re in a situation that could be improved by BDAs. Bi-directional amplifiers are devices that are designed to both amplify and extend radio signals.  

Essentially, they’re a bridge between clear, reliable radio signals and your wireless devices. This enables them to reach radios across a greater distance, including remote areas. Instead of having a coworker or a colleague cutting in and out on your radio, you could hear them loud and clear from virtually anywhere.  

How BDAs Can Improve Your Business: 

Adding BDAs to your workplace can streamline and enhance communications across the board. For starters, no one will be out of range anymore. You’ll be able to get in touch with anyone in seconds, even if they’re on the other side of the property or off-site.  

Additionally, the improved signal strength makes communications crystal-clear. Instead of asking your employees to come back to make sure you heard what they said, you’ll have that kind of clarity right away.  

By saving time and improving communications, the speed of your business accelerates, which can improve overall productivity, increase efficiency, promote safety, reduce mistakes, and boost your bottom line. Not only that, but your workplace will be better prepared for incidents. If a suspicious person is lingering nearby or there’s an accident on the job, first responders can jump into action faster.  

Why BDAs Are Useful For Construction 

Whether you’re building a house or an office building, every phase of construction needs to be done properly. That includes everything from planning to putting the last plank into place. The one constant throughout all of those steps is communication.  

The versatility of BDAs makes them a valuable asset for construction companies and contractors alike. Workers can communicate both routine and critical information about the job at hand from the furthest corners of the job site.  

Safety is another added benefit that BDAs bring to construction sites. There’s no room for error when working with heavy machinery, and every second counts if an accident occurs. 

Add BDAs to Your Construction Business 

From their exponential upside to their convenience, it’s clear that BDA solutions are needed on construction sites. Whether it is to promote a safer workplace, check your team’s progress, or double-check something from the other side of the site, bi-directional amplifiers are a good investment for your construction business.  

If you’re interested in improving your workplace communications by adding BDAs, contact Metropolitan Communications. We’ve been providing communication solutions to corporations for decades.  

Security Camera Repair near Exton PA

Having a security camera outside your home or in your place of business can provide you with some much-needed peace of mind. After all, they’re a helpful eye in the sky that can keep customers in line and make a suspicious person think twice. 

While you can count on a camera system to capture anything that goes on, you’ll still need to take care of your cameras. They need service and maintenance just like any other piece of machinery. If you’re in need of security camera repairs near Exton, Pennsylvania, contact Metropolitan Communications. 

Common Security Camera Issues 

Security CameraThere’s no room for errors when it comes to security cameras. Even one day of your system not operating properly is one too many. That’s why it’s so important to get any technical problems taken care of as soon as possible. Our technicians have experience resolving a variety of camera problems, including: 

  • Wiring Issues 
  • Poor Image Quality 
  • Connectivity Problems 
  • Power Failures 
  • And more 

Signs Your Security Camera Needs Repair 

So, how can you be sure that your camera needs repairs? It’s easy, really. If you’re not getting a signal or the connection goes in and out constantly, you most likely have an underlying issue. Similarly, if none of your footage is accessible or being uploaded to the cloud, you should have a technician look at it. 

Likewise, if the image quality is suddenly subpar, cutting in and out, or you just have a black screen, you’ll need service right away. Speaking of image quality, if the camera appears to be shaking or vibrating, don’t hesitate to get service. 

Choosing Metropolitan Communications for Security Camera Repair 

maintenance and serviceWe’re proud to help all kinds of businesses take care of their security cameras. To make sure your cameras keep running and recording, we offer 24/7 maintenance and service. Let’s face it: technical difficulties don’t exactly pop up at convenient times, so we make ourselves available whenever you need us. 

Not only do we offer round-the-clock service, but we make sure your security cameras are in good hands. Every one of our service technicians is highly trained in camera repairs, maintenance, and more. That way, you can be sure that your security camera will be repaired or replaced properly, in a timely fashion, and won’t impact your business or security. 

Security Camera Installation 

At Metropolitan Communications, we know that not every appliance can be saved. While our experienced team is prepared to diagnose and repair the problem, we’re also ready to replace any cameras that may have seen better days. 

Just like our service and maintenance availability, we offer installation 24/7. Plus, we carry some of the most cutting-edge Avigilon cameras. They’re equipped with high-definition imaging, cloud-based solutions, and other exciting features. 

Contact Us to Schedule Security Camera Repairs 

When you notice issues with your cameras and need security camera repair near Exton, PA, look no further than the experts at Metropolitan Communications. We’re happy to help you with all your security camera maintenance and repairs. Contact us to schedule service anytime. 

What Security Cameras Are Best for Retail Businesses?

Security cameras can be an essential part of a security system for many retail businesses around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cameras are discrete and allow you to monitor all aspects of your location with less staffing.

If you’re considering suitable security cameras for your New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey retail business, Metropolitan Communications can help. We have been providing video surveillance solutions for retail businesses for many years. Learn more about the security cameras we recommend for retail spaces below. Contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

InstallationPan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are cameras that allow for flexible monitoring of indoor spaces. They can be controlled remotely to pan across an area, tilt to adjust the angle, and zoom in. Some PTZ cameras allow for rotations on a timer, so your camera can sweep the store without a person’s input.

These models are best used in large warehouses, like backrooms of box stores or retail spaces.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are cameras with a cover shaped like a dome. Due to the design of the dome cameras, it can be difficult for those on the floor to ascertain which direction it is facing, so they are unsure if they are being observed.

Most dome cameras do have a fixed but wide viewing angle. These are good cameras to use for monitoring inventory in aisles.

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras are similarly shaped to dome cameras. These cameras often have a viewing angle larger than 180 degrees. The lines near the edge of the frame distort and create a bubble-like appearance.

Since these cameras capture such wide angles, they are well-placed in open-space retail environments. Using fisheye cameras can also reduce the number of cameras you need overall.

Features to Consider for Your Security Cameras

Fisheye Cameras

Security cameras come with various features that can improve the surveillance of your retail business. Some features to consider include:

  • Night Vision
  • High-Resolution/Definition
  • Smartphone Alerts

Some security cameras are equipped to record even in low-light environments. This may be beneficial if you’re interested in running cameras while your store is closed for the night.

High-definition security cameras provide clearer footage. This clear footage may make it easier for managers to review an incident more clearly. High-resolution footage also requires additional storage.

Your security cameras and surveillance system may have smartphone integration options. This allows your team to view footage on their phones or be alerted when suspicious movement/activity occurs. Your team can then respond quickly and appropriately to whatever is going on.

Explore All Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Business Today

If you’re looking for the security cameras right for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, retail business, contact Metropolitan Communications. We can provide custom video surveillance solutions that help keep your retail business safe around New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ. Our team can install and service your cameras so they function as they should. Contact us to discuss security cameras for your business today.

What Are the Different Types of BDA Systems?

Bi-directional amplifier (BDA) systems are crucial for a facility’s safety communication network. They strengthen signals to ensure reliable and instantaneous communication inside the building, whether on a cell phone or a two-way radio, for both coworkers and first responders.

For many years, Metropolitan Communications has provided BDA systems to facilities across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our team is here to help you learn about the types of BDA systems available that may meet your communication needs in New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, or Camden County, New Jersey. Contact us if you have any further questions!

Two-Way Radio BDA Systems

Two-Way Radios Benefit a Wide Range of IndustriesThe first type of BDA system caters to two-way radios. These are typically dubbed public safety BDAs because they enhance reception for the radios used by first responders. BDA systems for emergency radio networks amplify signals on 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz bands.

Designed for indoor use, BDA systems are essential in structures where radio signals are weakened by building materials, the configuration of stairwells, parking garages, and other architectural features. They boost and rebroadcast the signal to enable clear communication throughout the building. Many commercial facilities are mandated by building code to have a BDA system installed.

Cellular BDA Systems

Cellular BDAs are the second type of system, designed to improve cell phone reception. These are considered consumer or commercial BDAs that enhance signal reception for mobile phones and devices using cellular networks. They support all major carriers.

Cellular BDA systems can be used both inside and outside a facility. This is particularly useful for extending coverage to outdoor areas or a campus of buildings. Cellular BDA systems, which often require more advanced digital signal processing than public safety BDAs, may introduce a slight delay in communication across large spaces.

Installation of BDA Systems

Metropolitan Communications provides customized BDA system solutions for commercial and public safety purposes across various industries. Whether updating an old building to meet currentBDA Systems codes or integrating modern technology, we aim to address your facility’s specific signal requirements, including pinpointing and addressing potential weak spots.

After installing your BDA system, our 24/7 support team is available for maintenance and to help mitigate any downtime that may occur.

Contact Us to Discuss BDA Systems for Your Facility Today

The Metropolitan Communications team is ready to help facilities in New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ, get the BDA systems they need for reliable communication and safety. Business owners and administrators from Bucks County to Philadelphia, PA, can reach out to us to discuss tailored BDA system solutions today.

What are the Different Types of Security Cameras?

Many industries around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, want to protect their businesses and keep an eye on what’s happening. Security cameras are a great way to do that. Still, they can leave owners around New Castle County, Delaware, or Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey, wondering about the types of security cameras available.

Metropolitan Communications has been providing video surveillance solutions for many years. Our experts touch on the types of security cameras available on this page to help you determine which may be best for your workspace.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are named for their shape. The dome and 360-degree rotation allow the camera to discreetly focus on different areas of the space without it being immediately obvious what is being observed. The dome helps the camera remain resistant to tampering, too.

You can set up dome security cameras both indoors and outdoors. These cameras are used best in retail stores, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.

Fisheye Security Cameras

Fisheye security cameras are similar in shape to dome security cameras. These cameras, however, offer a wide-angle view that exceeds 180 degrees but does not offer 360-degree rotation. The fisheye design of the camera creates a circular or bubble effect to the image because of the wide angle.

Many fisheye cameras often are weather-resistant, making them a good choice for outdoor installation. They also commonly have temperature gauges, which can optimize use in harsh temperature environments.

Bullet Security Cameras

InstallationBullet security cameras are designed to look similar to a large rifle bullet. These cameras focus on a specific point and typically need to be adjusted manually if you want to change the focus direction. The cylindrical shape of the size camera allows it to see long distances, thanks to the larger lenses. These cameras are easy to spot and act as a reminder that a location is being observed.

The casings of bullet security cameras are often resistant to dust, dirt, and water, making them a good option for outdoor security. Industries often using bullet security cameras include farming, property management, and construction.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

Retail securityPan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, cameras offer control over the direction of your camera’s focus. These can be controlled remotely by a security guard who is monitoring the live video feed. When operating a PTZ camera, a security guard can:

  • Zoom in on an encounter or subject.
  • Pan and tilt the camera to adjust the field of vision.

PTZ cameras are often best utilized in large retail environments such as malls or museums.  Cameras can also be equipped to detect movement and move without the input of a guard’s instruction, which allows it to cover a larger area even when unmonitored.

Infrared/Night Vision Security Cameras

Infrared and night vision cameras are designed to operate in less-than-ideal optical conditions such as darkness. They use infrared LEDs to record and detect people in low visibility, even when fog or smoke are preset.

These cameras are a popular option in banks, manufacturing plants, and on farms.

Learn More About the Security Cameras Right for Your Workspace

The experts at Metropolitan Communications can help your business determine the right security cameras for your workspaces across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA. Our team has experience in providing video surveillance solutions in many environments, from schools to hotels to factories around New Castle County, DE, or Gloucester and Camden County, NJ.

Contact us to discuss security cameras for your establishment today.

Using Two-Way Radios to Keep Students Safe

Student safety is one of the most important aspects of schooling. A safe student body is one that can learn, grow, and become more social with their peer group. The right tools can make a big difference when considering student safety.

Metropolitan Communications recommends using two-way radios to help keep students across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, safe in schools. Two-way radios can help keep students safe in schools around New Castle County, Delaware, or Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey, in a variety of ways, which we’ll discuss below.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Two-way radios allow for instant communication with the push of a button. There is no waiting for a phone call to connect. Your radio just has to be tuned to the same channel. This is key to contacting staff across campus about potential threats or everyday needs.

One of the most hectic times of the day can be when students are attempting to head home. Buses, parents, and staff members are all doing their best to help students exit safely. Two-way radios can help staff direct students to the right buses or locate a parent in the pickup line that a younger student is having trouble locating while remaining at their post.

Maintain Communication Privacy Among Staff and Teachers

Two-way radios can be used to maintain privacy between staff and teachers when delivering important information, especially information that may cause panic and put students at risk. Accessories like earpieces or Bluetooth® can ensure that the information is only delivered to those whom it’s intended for.

Two-way radios can also be tuned to specific channels that may be intended to deliver clear, private communication when your staff is away from students. This prevents the need for overhead announcements that may cause panic or make classes difficult to control. Students stay calm and continue to learn while staff address the potential problem.

Ask for Help While De-Escalating Incidents

Two-Way Radios for Special EventsDe-escalation can be a part of a school day. Staff members and teachers may need to help a student calm down, break up a fight, or help in a medical emergency. Requesting additional help from the administration for other staff or first responders must happen quickly.

Two-way radios allow you to request help from other locations on campus. This may mean summoning more staff, or the nurse, to the scene or requesting that an administrator contact 911. Radios allow you to save time, monitor an ongoing situation, and even begin de-escalation while help is coming.

Discuss Two-Way Radio Solutions for Your School Today

Two-way radios can help keep students safe in numerous ways in schools across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA. If you want to learn more about two-way radio solutions for your schools in New Castle County, DE, or Gloucester and Camden County, NJ, contact the experts at Metropolitan Communications.

Our team will recommend radios, accessories, and other equipment that your school needs to improve student safety. Contact us today.

How Does Cloud Storage Work for Security Cameras?


When choosing security camera data storage for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, businesses, you can use a cloud storage system.
If you’re unsure how cloud storage works for security cameras at your New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, or Camden County, New Jersey, organization, Metropolitan Communications can help. This page discusses how cloud storage works and its benefits for security cameras.

The Difference Between Cloud Storage and Analog Systems

SecurityWhen people think of security camera storage, an analog system often comes to mind. These systems usually store security camera footage onsite and require a direct connection to the storage mechanism. Analog systems are also typically onsite, so you need onsite storage space.

Cloud storage allows video surveillance to be on an off-site server or device. As a security camera captures video, that video is sent to the cloud, which stores it. You can access that footage remotely and store as much of it as needed using an internet connection.

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Security Cameras

Cloud-based storage systems have a variety of benefits, from remote access to flexible storage space.

Access Security Footage Wherever You Are

Cloud-based storage allows you and other people in your workforce to access security footage remotely. All you need is internet access and authorization. This can reduce the need for on-site security or allow security to check in on the location after business hours.
If a security officer is on patrol, they can even use their smartphone to access the security footage of another area. This flexibility allows for more comprehensive coverage.
If a security officer is on patrol, they can even use their smartphone to access the security footage of another area. This flexibility allows for more comprehensive coverage.

End-to-End Security

Data Storage

Cloud storage comes with end-to-end security, which allows you to keep your security footage private and safe. Encryption can also help prevent loss of footage as it transfers from a security camera to the cloud. Since data is kept offsite, it reduces the risk of videos being stolen.

Store Footage as Long as You Want

Cloud storage allows you to hang on to your footage for as long as you want to keep it. You can adjust bandwidth or purchase additional space on the cloud to make room for additional files rather than delete previous security tapes. There is no physical space in a security office that you may run out of.

Cloud Storage for Security Cameras Works Across Various Industries

Cloud-based stooge for security camera footage is an option for many industries, including:
Our certified team can help create a cloud-based security system that works for your business’s needs. We’ll inspect your facility for good security camera placements and recommend areas that may need security. We can then install and maintain the system to ensure that it functions as it should from the cameras to the cloud.

Learn More About Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Organization’s Security Cameras Today

With cloud-based storage, your Philadelphia, PA, New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, or Camden County, NJ, organization can keep security camera data for as long as needed. If you want to learn more about cloud-based storage for your security cameras, contact Metropolitan Communications. We can discuss the best video management solutions for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Chester County, PA, business.

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