What Security Cameras Are Best for Retail Businesses?

Security cameras can be an essential part of a security system for many retail businesses around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cameras are discrete and allow you to monitor all aspects of your location with less staffing.

If you’re considering suitable security cameras for your New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey retail business, Metropolitan Communications can help. We have been providing video surveillance solutions for retail businesses for many years. Learn more about the security cameras we recommend for retail spaces below. Contact us with any additional questions you may have.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom Cameras

InstallationPan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are cameras that allow for flexible monitoring of indoor spaces. They can be controlled remotely to pan across an area, tilt to adjust the angle, and zoom in. Some PTZ cameras allow for rotations on a timer, so your camera can sweep the store without a person’s input.

These models are best used in large warehouses, like backrooms of box stores or retail spaces.

Dome Cameras

Dome cameras are cameras with a cover shaped like a dome. Due to the design of the dome cameras, it can be difficult for those on the floor to ascertain which direction it is facing, so they are unsure if they are being observed.

Most dome cameras do have a fixed but wide viewing angle. These are good cameras to use for monitoring inventory in aisles.

Fisheye Cameras

Fisheye cameras are similarly shaped to dome cameras. These cameras often have a viewing angle larger than 180 degrees. The lines near the edge of the frame distort and create a bubble-like appearance.

Since these cameras capture such wide angles, they are well-placed in open-space retail environments. Using fisheye cameras can also reduce the number of cameras you need overall.

Features to Consider for Your Security Cameras

Fisheye Cameras

Security cameras come with various features that can improve the surveillance of your retail business. Some features to consider include:

  • Night Vision
  • High-Resolution/Definition
  • Smartphone Alerts

Some security cameras are equipped to record even in low-light environments. This may be beneficial if you’re interested in running cameras while your store is closed for the night.

High-definition security cameras provide clearer footage. This clear footage may make it easier for managers to review an incident more clearly. High-resolution footage also requires additional storage.

Your security cameras and surveillance system may have smartphone integration options. This allows your team to view footage on their phones or be alerted when suspicious movement/activity occurs. Your team can then respond quickly and appropriately to whatever is going on.

Explore All Video Surveillance Solutions for Your Business Today

If you’re looking for the security cameras right for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, retail business, contact Metropolitan Communications. We can provide custom video surveillance solutions that help keep your retail business safe around New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ. Our team can install and service your cameras so they function as they should. Contact us to discuss security cameras for your business today.

What Are the Different Types of BDA Systems?

Bi-directional amplifier (BDA) systems are crucial for a facility’s safety communication network. They strengthen signals to ensure reliable and instantaneous communication inside the building, whether on a cell phone or a two-way radio, for both coworkers and first responders.

For many years, Metropolitan Communications has provided BDA systems to facilities across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Our team is here to help you learn about the types of BDA systems available that may meet your communication needs in New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, or Camden County, New Jersey. Contact us if you have any further questions!

Two-Way Radio BDA Systems

Two-Way Radios Benefit a Wide Range of IndustriesThe first type of BDA system caters to two-way radios. These are typically dubbed public safety BDAs because they enhance reception for the radios used by first responders. BDA systems for emergency radio networks amplify signals on 700 MHz, 800 MHz, and 900 MHz bands.

Designed for indoor use, BDA systems are essential in structures where radio signals are weakened by building materials, the configuration of stairwells, parking garages, and other architectural features. They boost and rebroadcast the signal to enable clear communication throughout the building. Many commercial facilities are mandated by building code to have a BDA system installed.

Cellular BDA Systems

Cellular BDAs are the second type of system, designed to improve cell phone reception. These are considered consumer or commercial BDAs that enhance signal reception for mobile phones and devices using cellular networks. They support all major carriers.

Cellular BDA systems can be used both inside and outside a facility. This is particularly useful for extending coverage to outdoor areas or a campus of buildings. Cellular BDA systems, which often require more advanced digital signal processing than public safety BDAs, may introduce a slight delay in communication across large spaces.

Installation of BDA Systems

Metropolitan Communications provides customized BDA system solutions for commercial and public safety purposes across various industries. Whether updating an old building to meet currentBDA Systems codes or integrating modern technology, we aim to address your facility’s specific signal requirements, including pinpointing and addressing potential weak spots.

After installing your BDA system, our 24/7 support team is available for maintenance and to help mitigate any downtime that may occur.

Contact Us to Discuss BDA Systems for Your Facility Today

The Metropolitan Communications team is ready to help facilities in New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ, get the BDA systems they need for reliable communication and safety. Business owners and administrators from Bucks County to Philadelphia, PA, can reach out to us to discuss tailored BDA system solutions today.

What are the Different Types of Security Cameras?

Many industries around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, want to protect their businesses and keep an eye on what’s happening. Security cameras are a great way to do that. Still, they can leave owners around New Castle County, Delaware, or Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey, wondering about the types of security cameras available.

Metropolitan Communications has been providing video surveillance solutions for many years. Our experts touch on the types of security cameras available on this page to help you determine which may be best for your workspace.

Dome Security Cameras

Dome security cameras are named for their shape. The dome and 360-degree rotation allow the camera to discreetly focus on different areas of the space without it being immediately obvious what is being observed. The dome helps the camera remain resistant to tampering, too.

You can set up dome security cameras both indoors and outdoors. These cameras are used best in retail stores, restaurants, and other hospitality businesses.

Fisheye Security Cameras

Fisheye security cameras are similar in shape to dome security cameras. These cameras, however, offer a wide-angle view that exceeds 180 degrees but does not offer 360-degree rotation. The fisheye design of the camera creates a circular or bubble effect to the image because of the wide angle.

Many fisheye cameras often are weather-resistant, making them a good choice for outdoor installation. They also commonly have temperature gauges, which can optimize use in harsh temperature environments.

Bullet Security Cameras

InstallationBullet security cameras are designed to look similar to a large rifle bullet. These cameras focus on a specific point and typically need to be adjusted manually if you want to change the focus direction. The cylindrical shape of the size camera allows it to see long distances, thanks to the larger lenses. These cameras are easy to spot and act as a reminder that a location is being observed.

The casings of bullet security cameras are often resistant to dust, dirt, and water, making them a good option for outdoor security. Industries often using bullet security cameras include farming, property management, and construction.

Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) Security Cameras

Retail securityPan-tilt-zoom, or PTZ, cameras offer control over the direction of your camera’s focus. These can be controlled remotely by a security guard who is monitoring the live video feed. When operating a PTZ camera, a security guard can:

  • Zoom in on an encounter or subject.
  • Pan and tilt the camera to adjust the field of vision.

PTZ cameras are often best utilized in large retail environments such as malls or museums.  Cameras can also be equipped to detect movement and move without the input of a guard’s instruction, which allows it to cover a larger area even when unmonitored.

Infrared/Night Vision Security Cameras

Infrared and night vision cameras are designed to operate in less-than-ideal optical conditions such as darkness. They use infrared LEDs to record and detect people in low visibility, even when fog or smoke are preset.

These cameras are a popular option in banks, manufacturing plants, and on farms.

Learn More About the Security Cameras Right for Your Workspace

The experts at Metropolitan Communications can help your business determine the right security cameras for your workspaces across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA. Our team has experience in providing video surveillance solutions in many environments, from schools to hotels to factories around New Castle County, DE, or Gloucester and Camden County, NJ.

Contact us to discuss security cameras for your establishment today.

Using Two-Way Radios to Keep Students Safe

Student safety is one of the most important aspects of schooling. A safe student body is one that can learn, grow, and become more social with their peer group. The right tools can make a big difference when considering student safety.

Metropolitan Communications recommends using two-way radios to help keep students across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, safe in schools. Two-way radios can help keep students safe in schools around New Castle County, Delaware, or Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey, in a variety of ways, which we’ll discuss below.

Keep Lines of Communication Open

Two-way radios allow for instant communication with the push of a button. There is no waiting for a phone call to connect. Your radio just has to be tuned to the same channel. This is key to contacting staff across campus about potential threats or everyday needs.

One of the most hectic times of the day can be when students are attempting to head home. Buses, parents, and staff members are all doing their best to help students exit safely. Two-way radios can help staff direct students to the right buses or locate a parent in the pickup line that a younger student is having trouble locating while remaining at their post.

Maintain Communication Privacy Among Staff and Teachers

Two-way radios can be used to maintain privacy between staff and teachers when delivering important information, especially information that may cause panic and put students at risk. Accessories like earpieces or Bluetooth® can ensure that the information is only delivered to those whom it’s intended for.

Two-way radios can also be tuned to specific channels that may be intended to deliver clear, private communication when your staff is away from students. This prevents the need for overhead announcements that may cause panic or make classes difficult to control. Students stay calm and continue to learn while staff address the potential problem.

Ask for Help While De-Escalating Incidents

Two-Way Radios for Special EventsDe-escalation can be a part of a school day. Staff members and teachers may need to help a student calm down, break up a fight, or help in a medical emergency. Requesting additional help from the administration for other staff or first responders must happen quickly.

Two-way radios allow you to request help from other locations on campus. This may mean summoning more staff, or the nurse, to the scene or requesting that an administrator contact 911. Radios allow you to save time, monitor an ongoing situation, and even begin de-escalation while help is coming.

Discuss Two-Way Radio Solutions for Your School Today

Two-way radios can help keep students safe in numerous ways in schools across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA. If you want to learn more about two-way radio solutions for your schools in New Castle County, DE, or Gloucester and Camden County, NJ, contact the experts at Metropolitan Communications.

Our team will recommend radios, accessories, and other equipment that your school needs to improve student safety. Contact us today.

How Does Cloud Storage Work for Security Cameras?


When choosing security camera data storage for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, or Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, businesses, you can use a cloud storage system.
If you’re unsure how cloud storage works for security cameras at your New Castle County, Delaware, Gloucester, or Camden County, New Jersey, organization, Metropolitan Communications can help. This page discusses how cloud storage works and its benefits for security cameras.

The Difference Between Cloud Storage and Analog Systems

SecurityWhen people think of security camera storage, an analog system often comes to mind. These systems usually store security camera footage onsite and require a direct connection to the storage mechanism. Analog systems are also typically onsite, so you need onsite storage space.

Cloud storage allows video surveillance to be on an off-site server or device. As a security camera captures video, that video is sent to the cloud, which stores it. You can access that footage remotely and store as much of it as needed using an internet connection.

Benefits of Cloud Storage for Security Cameras

Cloud-based storage systems have a variety of benefits, from remote access to flexible storage space.

Access Security Footage Wherever You Are

Cloud-based storage allows you and other people in your workforce to access security footage remotely. All you need is internet access and authorization. This can reduce the need for on-site security or allow security to check in on the location after business hours.
If a security officer is on patrol, they can even use their smartphone to access the security footage of another area. This flexibility allows for more comprehensive coverage.
If a security officer is on patrol, they can even use their smartphone to access the security footage of another area. This flexibility allows for more comprehensive coverage.

End-to-End Security

Data Storage

Cloud storage comes with end-to-end security, which allows you to keep your security footage private and safe. Encryption can also help prevent loss of footage as it transfers from a security camera to the cloud. Since data is kept offsite, it reduces the risk of videos being stolen.

Store Footage as Long as You Want

Cloud storage allows you to hang on to your footage for as long as you want to keep it. You can adjust bandwidth or purchase additional space on the cloud to make room for additional files rather than delete previous security tapes. There is no physical space in a security office that you may run out of.

Cloud Storage for Security Cameras Works Across Various Industries

Cloud-based stooge for security camera footage is an option for many industries, including:
Our certified team can help create a cloud-based security system that works for your business’s needs. We’ll inspect your facility for good security camera placements and recommend areas that may need security. We can then install and maintain the system to ensure that it functions as it should from the cameras to the cloud.

Learn More About Cloud Storage Solutions for Your Organization’s Security Cameras Today

With cloud-based storage, your Philadelphia, PA, New Castle County, DE, Gloucester, or Camden County, NJ, organization can keep security camera data for as long as needed. If you want to learn more about cloud-based storage for your security cameras, contact Metropolitan Communications. We can discuss the best video management solutions for your Bucks County, Montgomery County, or Chester County, PA, business.

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Security Cameras for Sale in Philadelphia, PA

When considering ways to keep your facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, safe, one way to do so is with security cameras. Security cameras can help you keep an eye on all corners of your location in real-time and provide first responders with evidence if a situation occurs.
Metropolitan Communications has security cameras for sale and a team that can work with you to select models that work best for your facility and industry.

Industry Leading Partners

CCTVMetropolitan Communications works with industry-leading partners to provide security cameras and data solutions. These industry partners include:

  • Motorola Solutions
  • David Clark
  • Westell Technologies

Each of these partners provides us with security camera options that work for a number of industries, from manufacturing to retail. Our team is trained to know what their products do so we can recommend the right option for your location. Many of the security cameras we offer, including Avigilon and Pelco models, work within security systems that can include AI and Video Analytics.

Security Camera and Data Solutions
Our team specializes in Avigilon security camera systems and video features. These systems can be installed inside or outside and link up with an off-site data storage solution so you can save all the footage you record in a safe location. Cloud storage has become a popular option across industries because it is easy to store offsite and can be accessed remotely. You’ll have access to the footage you need without having to store it onsite and take up crucial space in your security office. The quality of the footage remains high, even as it ages because it’s stored digitally rather than physically.
Your security cameras can work with surveillance features that can help your security team detect threats faster, such as AI and video analytics. These cameras also have enhanced situational awareness, which can improve vantage points and even move the cameras remotely in order to better view what’s happening in a part of your facility.

Installation and Routine Maintenance of Security Cameras

InstallationOur trained technicians can install and maintain the security camera system we set up for your business. We will survey your facility to get a sense of where cameras should go, potential spots that need extra attention, and more. Our team has a combined total of over 90 years of experience. Your security cameras can be integrated into your current security system, so everything works together to keep you and your employees safe.

Your business can rely on our team to maintain the security cameras after they’re installed as well. Our team will ensure that the cameras are up-to-date and function as they’re supposed to. In fact, we offer 24/7 aftermarket maintenance so that our team can respond to any potential problems and minimize downtime.

Learn More About Security Camera Options for Your Facility in Philadelphia, PA, Today
The Metropolitan Communications team can help you find the right security cameras for your location. Business owners around Philadelphia, PA, can contact us to discuss security camera options, installation, and video management solutions. We’ll provide you with the tools to keep your facility safe.
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Security Camera Repair in Philadelphia PA

Security Camera Installation
Advanced, wireless security cameras help ensure the safety of your customers, employees, and products. Metropolitan Communications is a leading provider of wireless solutions that proudly offers security camera repair in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, to keep your cameras operational.Along with service and maintenance from our certified technicians, we can help you find security camera solutions that best serve your industry. Read on to learn more!

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Our Security Camera Solutions & Support

Integrated SecurityWhen choosing a security camera for your business, you want to ensure you find one that has the technology you need on a day-to-day basis. Our team specializes in Avigilon security cameras, which offer several technologically advanced features that give you access to the camera feed.

To keep your cameras working correctly, we have a team of certified technicians that can install and repair your security cameras. Once you have chosen your cameras, our experts will make sure everything is installed correctly and answer any questions you have about its function.

If any technical issues arise, you can reach out to our technicians, who will diagnose the problem and complete any needed repairs as efficiently as possible.

Security Cameras for Every Industry in Philadelphia

With such a vast number of different industries around Philadelphia, PA, your security needs may vary. You can depend on personalized security camera recommendations and solutions when you work with our team. We serve many of these industries across the city, including:

Whether you want a security camera with quality audio solutions to keep an eye on your school building or a compact dome camera to cover all areas of your retail store, our team can find the right solutions for you. You can also ask our team about cloud-based solutions, which allow you to easily access files online.

If you know what security camera you’re looking for or you’re still considering your options based on your industry, contact our team to discuss possible wireless solutions!

Metropolitan Communications Provides 24/7 Service & Maintenance

Tech SupportAs a leading integrated wireless solutions provider, Metropolitan Communications understands the importance of having consistently reliable security cameras. To ensure your cameras are working as they should, our team is proud to offer 24/7 service and maintenance.

If your security cameras experience an unexpected maintenance issue or interruption, our technicians can be on the scene in little time to help provide a solution. We can also provide information and instructions on utilizing your security cameras, so you can confidently protect your business.

The benefit of 24/7 support from our team means that we have your back at any time, and you can keep your industry secure.

Protect Your Philadelphia PA Business with Expert Security Camera Repairs

From providing personalized solutions based on your industry to ensuring that your security cameras are properly serviced, the team at Metropolitan Communications is proud to support your business. Our security camera solutions can help you run a smooth, well-protected operation.

If you’re looking for expert security camera repair in Philadelphia, PA, contact our team today!


Should My Business Have Emergency Lighting?

Emergency Light

As you consider the safety and security of your business, you might be wondering, “Should my business have emergency lighting?” Emergency lights can keep your business properly lit during unexpected outages or emergency situations.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to serve the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey, areas. Read on to learn how we can support you!

Emergency Lighting Increases Safety

Emergency Exit LightIf you’re wondering whether or not your business should have emergency lighting in place, the short answer is yes, you should absolutely have emergency lighting installed.

Emergency lighting is essential for your business’s safety. In fact, many businesses are required by law to have emergency lighting in place. In the event of a power outage, emergency lights are programmed to come on automatically and can illuminate exit points.

Along with providing backup lighting during power outages, emergency lighting can protect your business by keeping it consistently well-lit. For any business that operates for 24 hours, this kind of lighting can keep your customers and employees secure any time of day.

How to Find an Emergency Lighting Solution for Your Business

If you’re looking to have emergency lights installed in your business, our team can recommend the right solutions for your needs. At Metropolitan Communications, we partner with top emergency light manufacturers to ensure high-quality, trusted solutions for your business.

We proudly support several industries across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey that can benefit from emergency lighting, including:

  • Retail 
  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Manufacturing 

Once you have chosen your emergency lighting, our certified technicians can install everything and ensure it is working properly. They’ll provide instructions as needed and help you feel confident about the functionality of your emergency lights.

To learn more about our partners, solutions, and how we can install emergency lighting in your business, contact our team!

24/7 Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Support

Light RepairEmergency lights are designed to provide essential lighting during a power outage or other emergency situation. However, there may come a time when you need to have your emergency lighting serviced or repaired. No matter when you need maintenance done, our certified technicians are here to help you.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to offer 24/7 service and maintenance to support your business. If you experience an issue with your emergency lights, our team of technicians can be on the scene in little time to provide solutions and repairs, ensuring safety and reliability in any situation.

Contact Us to Ask About Our Emergency Lighting Solutions & Services

When you work with Metropolitan Communications for emergency lighting services, you can depend on reliable, advanced solutions that protect your customers, employees, and products.

Our team is proud to provide emergency lighting installations and repairs to your businesses around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ. Contact us today to discover your personalized solutions!

What Is the Difference Between Private and Public LTE?

LTE Connection

When considering communications systems for your business, you may come across the terms “Private LTE” and “Public LTE.” They sound pretty similar, and both ensure people have communications solutions, so you may wonder what the difference is.Metropolitan Communications is here to dig into that question. Our communications experts have experience in dealing with private LTE and public LTE and can make a recommendation for your specific situation.

What Are Private LTE and Public LTE?

Students in the ClassroomPublic LTE is a commercial system run by mobile network operators, such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T, for use by the general public.

This is the most common form of LTE and is used worldwide by most people. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can access public LTE systems.

Private LTE is a wireless communication service designed specifically for private networks. Private organizations or governments own these and are only accessed by people with pre-existing permission. You may need specific hardware, software, or passwords to access a private LTE network.

Challenges of Public LTE

Governments often license public LTE networks and, therefore, must adhere to specific regulations and the rules of the corporation that runs the network.

Since this network is public, it must also be available to a vast audience. This means many people must share the public LTE network’s resources. If there’s a crisis or disruption to the public network, this can cause mass communication disruptions.

Public LTE networks may also only be available where public companies deem it worthwhile to include them in their coverage. Less populated or difficult-to-get-to areas may be left out of public coverage, limiting communication capabilities.

Challenges of Private LTE

Private LTE networks use dedicated spectrums. These spectrums may only sometimes be available if many other private LTE networks are already using that spectrum.

This can include needing to use an unlicensed spectrum or hop onto an existing spectrum, with permission from whoever owns it.

Benefits of Public LTE

Public LTE networks are designed to handle a lot of traffic and users. This means they’re optimized for higher bandwidth and uptime even when there’s much traffic.

You can also access public LTE quite easily by using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet capable of connecting to a network through an established corporation. No personal infrastructure is required.

Benefits of Private LTE

Private LTE networksPrivate LTE allow you to protect data and communications that happen through your business. Since only specific people can access the network, you eliminate additional risks with data that can occur when anyone can use the same network.

Private LTE also runs on its own infrastructure and equipment. You can install it seamlessly into your already established communications equipment and continue to use it as your business scales and changes in the future.

You have control over what happens to your private LTE network—where the most resources go and when maintenance happens, which can be during a less active period at your business.

Learn More About Private LTE Networks and How They Can Work for Your Business Today

If you believe a private LTE network may be the right fit for your communication needs, contact Metropolitan Communications.

We’ll create a communications solution that addresses your business’s specific needs and ensures your team has reliable and consistent communication.

Get started by contacting us today.

What is the Difference Between LTE and 5G?

No matter where you are, a reliable network connection is essential. With a variety of wireless network connections available, you may be wondering about the difference between LTE and 5G.

Below, Metropolitan Communications explores the differences between these two networks and how our team can help you stay connected. We proudly support Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey, industries.

LTE vs 5G Network

LTE and 5G are wireless networks allowing streamlined communications and quick data sharing between devices. Your industry can benefit from either connection when it comes to day-to-day operations.

How do LTE and 5G compare, and which is your better option? We’ll first take a closer look at each network:

What is LTE?

LTELTE, or “Long Term Evolution,” is an evolving connection almost universally available worldwide. Whether you are an individual searching for a network connection or an organization using wireless technologies to run your operations, LTE is likely to provide that needed connectivity.

In many cases, LTE is paired with 4G in order to streamline network connection. LTE also helps transfer data with lower latency, which is especially helpful for industries that rely on fast communications.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network connection that is quickly evolving to global usage. Similar to 4G LTE, the 5G network is orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) based, meaning it consists of a multi-carrier modulation system that transmits data.

The purpose of 5G is to continue the evolution of wireless network connectivity by providing faster, more reliable services.

Should I Choose LTE or 5G Network?

LTE vs 5GWhether you choose LTE or 5G network, you can rely on fast communication and consistent connectivity. It’s important to remember that 5G is an evolution of LTE rather than a replacement. These networks can work in tandem to provide a fast, reliable connection for a number of devices.

Since 5G is the latest network evolution, it may not be as readily available as LTE or be able to support multiple devices at once. It may also offer less financial flexibility compared to LTE. However, using 5G can offer speedier communication and more reliable connectivity, especially as it continues to evolve.

At Metropolitan Communications, we partner with wireless network leaders to streamline your industry’s communications. When you work with us, we can help you determine whether a 5G or LTE network is best for you. Our team of trained technicians will be available to install and service your technology.

Contact Metropolitan Communications About Using LTE or 5G

When you need reliable network connections, you can count on Metropolitan Communications to install the right wireless technologies for your team. 5G and LTE networks can streamline essential communications and ensure efficient and productive operations.

Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ, industries can contact our team today to learn more!