How Long Does a Two-Way Radio Battery Last?

Two-way radio batteries don’t last forever. They must be occasionally changed to maintain the performance levels and functionality of your business’s two-way radios throughout their life.

Metropolitan Communications has been helping maintain many aspects of two-way radios, including their batteries, for many years. Learn more about two-way radio battery life on this page and reach out to our experts if you have questions or need maintenance for your two-way radios.

Average Lifespan of a Two-Way Radio Battery

The average lifespan of a two-way radio battery may be different than the lifespan of the two-way radio itself. In general, a two-way radio battery will last between 18 and 24 months. This may depend on the type of battery your two-way radio has, such as a primary or secondary battery.

Primary batteries are one-time-use batteries that are disposed of when they are drained. Secondary batteries are rechargeable battery options that can be used, recharged, and then used again.

Factors that Affect a Two-Way Radio Battery’s Lifespan

There are several factors that can contribute to your two-way radio’s battery lifespan, including environmental conditions, usage, and the quality of your two-way radio batteries.

Environmental Conditions

two-way radio battery experiencing environmental factors The environment in which your two-way radios are used can affect their performance. Dust or resistance-proof casings, as well as batteries, can protect the internal battery components and ensure that they last longer and perform better.

Warmer environments can cause batteries to overheat when operating. When running too hot, the battery can stop functioning correctly or shrink its overall life expectancy.

Is the two-way radio being used in a wet or humid environment? Consider a casing that protects the battery from water or batteries that may be water-resistant.

Usage Habits and Quality

Businesses likely use their radios frequently. If this is the case, your batteries may have a shorter lifespan overall. When selecting two-way radio batteries and radios, consider how long they will be used between charges and the potential damage they may experience when being used.

Higher-quality batteries and ones that are well-maintained may last longer than cheaper options. The better-quality radio you purchase may also help your battery last longer.

How to Ensure Your Two-Way Radio’s Batteries Last as Long as Possible

checking the battery and signal of your two-way radioYou can do a few things to lengthen the life of your two-way radio’s batteries.

When you first receive a new battery for your two-way radio, charge it overnight before using it. This process is called initializing. Initializing ensures that the battery is ready to use to its fullest and is optimized to perform at its best.

When storing a battery for your two-way radio, store the battery partially charged, around 30-50%. This helps maintain the battery’s optimal condition while in storage.

As your team uses a two-way radio and its batteries, charge the batteries only when needed. If the battery is not completely discharged, it may not optimize fully when charged again. Give your team an extra battery to keep on hand if a battery dies during their shift.

Learn More About Two-Way Radio Batteries Today

Two-way radios with functional batteries are essential to many companies’ business operations. They are a key part of your communications equipment and help keep your workplace productive and safe. If your two-way radio needs new batteries or battery maintenance, reach out to the team at Metropolitan Communications. We can help keep your two-way radios in good shape and ensure you get the most out of their batteries’ lifespan.