Where Should I Place My CCTV Cameras?

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras have become popular parts of security systems for businesses since video has become affordable to the average person. These cameras can monitor what happens in your store, warehouse, or worksite to keep it safe and allow faster reactions during an emergency.

CCTV cameras must be placed in the right location, at the right height, and at the right angle for them to be effective. Metropolitan Communications has been helping businesses improve their security systems with CCTV cameras for many years. Our experts have some baseline advice on the placement of CCTV cameras.

Selecting the Right CCTV Camera Heights

choosing the right height for your CCTV cameraThe correct height of your CCTV cameras can help capture details and helpful footage. You want your cameras to be high enough to prevent random people from tampering with them and to give a better sense of the space on camera. If your camera is placed too low, you may need more to cover a space properly.

Installation recommendations for CCTV camera height are between 7.5 and 18 feet, depending on the area being monitored. If you need close-range views, you may want to place the cameras lower, while larger rooms may benefit from higher installation levels. For example, entryways may have cameras closer to eye level for clear facial recording, while manufacturing floors may require a higher placement to cover more of the floor with fewer cameras.

What Angles Should I Consider for CCTV Cameras?

The right angle for your CCTV cameras can make a difference in their effectiveness. Cameras that are positioned higher up need to be angled down in order to see what’s happening in the room and focus on objects in their view. The higher a camera is, and when pointed down, it also provides a broader look at the space being monitored.

Your CCTV camera must also have the right lens to make the most of the angles at which it needs to be positioned. Bigger lenses offer more depth but have smaller overall viewing angles, while smaller lenses offer more viewing angles but less overall depth.

Where Are the Most Common CCTV Camera Locations?

angling your CCTV camerasOur CCTV experts have recommended locations for CCTV cameras that are reliable across industries to help ensure your facility is properly covered, including:

  • Parking lots
  • Loading docks and stock areas
  • Entrances/exits
  • Customer interaction locations
  • Secluded areas

When considering where to place your facility’s CCTV cameras, consider your location’s specific security needs. Your employees may be less protected in areas such as parking lots or stairwells, where people aren’t likely to be very often. A security camera in these locations can catch incidents on camera, and security can respond to an incident if someone needs help.

Recording customer interactions is beneficial for both your business and customers. You can review these interactions for potential points of improvement, as well as if there are any potential incidents that need to be revisited or passed over to law enforcement and insurance.

Explore CCTV Camera Options and Placement Today

When selecting the CCTV camera placement, video recording software, and cameras themselves, the experts at Metropolitan Communications can help. We help businesses across industries get the coverage they need to keep their employees safe, from installation to maintenance. Contact us to discuss CCTV solutions today.