Wireless Communications and Two-Way Radios for Schools

Effective communication is at the heart of what keeps students and education professionals safe and secure. So, to ensure that your classroom and school is equipped with an efficient information system, opt for the communication solutions provided by Metropolitan Communications.

From our locations in Southeastern, PA, we serve education systems nationwide with the integrated wireless solutions you need to handle any type of situation. That way, everyone at your institution can stay connected and call for help in an emergency.

Importance of Wireless Integration

Sometimes, the unexpected strikes, which is why it’s essential to be prepared for anything, especially when students are relying on you to keep them safe.

Luckily, the team of highly-trained technicians at our communication solution company can help you design, install, and maintain a wireless communication system that keeps everyone within your walls connected.

Overall, an efficient communication system is what helps every member of your school prepare and coordinate for an emergency, whether you’re dealing with an injury, accident, external threat, weather event, or any other type of situation.

Once you have your school’s emergency plan set in place, our technologies can assist you in transmitting messages and advising your employees on the best course of action. By equipping your institution with our dependable wireless integration solutions, each student and teacher in your school will remain safe.

In addition to staying in contact with your colleagues, we provide a long list of other devices that help you contact to other facilities in your area.

For example, our Interconnect Gateway radio systems allow you to connect up to sixteen different phone lines so that you can reach the local authorities and hospitals surrounding your school. With the communication options we offer, you’ll get the assistance you need anytime, anywhere.

Two-Way Radios and Walkie Talkies for Schools

When it comes to the safety of your students, you want to make sure that the communication devices you use are not only effective but also portable. That way, you can connect with anyone inside or outside the building.

Well, regardless if you’re chaperoning at recess or taking role call on a field trip, our portable two-way radios and walkie talkies make it easy for you to communicate with other teachers and the principal.

On top of that, our Analog Two-Way Portable radios come with VOX capability for hands-free communication, which allows you to do other things while conversing.

Plus, you’ll be able to hear what your coworkers are saying thanks to the X-Pand Technology that these particular Motorola radios feature. By providing you with crisp audio quality, even in the noisy school cafeteria, you can receive messages without needing to take your eyes off of your students.

No matter which of our communication solutions you choose for your school, our technicians are ready to help you at the drop of a hat, whether you need installation services or routine maintenance for your system. That way, you’ll be able to complete your daily tasks while tapping into an easy-to-operate communication setup that’s designed to help you work smarter.

Learn More About Our Wireless Integration Services!

At Metropolitan Communications, located in Southeastern, PA, we’re committed to providing school campuses nationwide with always-available communication systems that increase the safety of your teachers and students.

By choosing from our large selection of high-tech devices, you’ll remain portable and efficient throughout the day. To learn more about our team, our communication solutions, and our dedication to the community, feel free to give us a call or request a quote today!