Enhancing Safety and Security in Healthcare Facilities


Healthcare providers also recognize the need to support safety of Patients and Staff when in their care.


A local Healthcare System in South Eastern PA has taken steps to improve patient care and security by improving the communications of local First Responders. This Healthcare provider not only recognized the need to provide quality rehabilitation services to its patients but also the need to allow local First Responders to communicate to hospital personnel when called upon to respond to its facility.


Metropolitan – Radio Communications reviewed, designed and installed a Bi- Directional NFPA compliant (BDA) solutions for customer to solve the communications challenges. The system is complete and tested with the cooperation of local First Responders. Also, as part of this deployment the system is being monitored via a web-based system that provides email, text or voice notifications in the event of a system issue. This allows for a quick response to service needs and notification to the local First Responders.


Healthcare providers and Local business owners have recognized the need to support the safety and security of those who depend on their services in today’s ever changing society.


Scott W. Chandler

Service Manager / System Engineer, FCC, CET, ASEE