Connecting Students Using Cradlepoint Technology

Fast, reliable, and protected internet connection is essential in classrooms today. If you want to ensure your students are connected both in and out of the classroom, Cradlepoint technology is an excellent solution.

At Metropolitan Communications, we support school districts across the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey, areas. Learn more about how you can keep your students connected with the help of Cradlepoint technology below.

Connect Students Beyond the Classroom

Connect Students Beyond the Classroom As many educators know, learning continues outside the classroom. Cradlepoint technology streamlines connectivity across your school campus to support your students and keep them online. Whether your students are checking an assignment on the bus ride home or getting started on a project after school ends, they’ll have a secure connection.Cradlepoint technology achieves this connection by offering a wireless wide area network (WAN), which supports a larger area. Your students can access the internet while:

  • Working online in the classroom
  • Riding the school bus to and from home
  • Studying notes or working from home

From in-class projects to hybrid learning, Cradlepoint technology supports your students’ internet needs. Cradlepoint’s NetCloud services give your students access to LTE and 5G powered technology, so they’ll have everything they need to get online and stay connected.

Encourage Safe Education

Although a necessity in most educational settings, internet access can mean more opportunities for inappropriate content or security issues to arise. Along with providing students access to a consistent and fast internet connection, you’ll want to ensure they’re protected while online. Cradlepoint technology makes it easy to prevent inappropriate content from interrupting your students’ education.With such a wide area of coverage, Cradlepoint technology offers solutions that enable you to monitor and secure your connections. This is all in compliance with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). You’ll be able to filter content that fits your students’ educational needs and keep an eye on it, too.

Our Team Provides 24/7 Support

tech supportWhen it comes to keeping your students safe and connected, you’ll need to ensure any issues are handled right away. Our team understands the importance of internet usage in and out of the classroom. To accommodate your school’s internet connectivity needs and ensure your students are supported, we provide 24/7 maintenance and service.You can contact our professionals at any time. Whether you have a connection issue or need something installed, we’ll be there to help. It’s our goal to streamline reliable connections around your school campus to continually support your students’ education.

Keep Your Students Connected With Cradlepoint Technology

Are you ready to set up fast and secure connections that support your students? Cradlepoint technology can enhance your modern classroom and make sure your classrooms have everything they need. Our team is excited to help you and we’ll be on call whenever you need us.

At Metropolitan Communications, we proudly serve school districts in the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ, areas. Contact us today.