Surveillance Solutions for Healthcare

Surveillance systems can be an important part of patient and provider safety at healthcare facilities. The right system may include a variety of tools, from security cameras to storage options. Metropolitan Communications offers surveillance solutions to healthcare facilities. These solutions are designed to be an integral part of the way the facility runs and streamline operations.

Video Surveillance Systems

surveillance considerations for healthcareVideo surveillance systems help your security team keep an eye on what’s happening around your facility. With security cameras, your team can identify potential threats and respond immediately, including reaching out to first responders. Our video surveillance systems can integrate with existing technology you have present, such as two-way radios or mass alert systems.

Metropolitan Communications works with and offers products from Avigilon Video Surveillance Systems. This range of surveillance equipment offers a large selection of security cameras designed for many environments, including outdoors, storage rooms, and entrances.

Avigilon Video Surveillance Systems also offer the ability to search footage to identify specific people, as well as facial recognition, which may be helpful when identifying a suspicious person present in your healthcare facility. You can also use this system to track visitor comings and goings through specific wards.

Cloud-Based Connection and Storage

When adding a surveillance system to your healthcare facility, you must store the footage it records. This virtual footage can be held in either a cloud-based storage solution or a physical server that you house on or off-site. How long you keep the footage is up to you; the footage will not degrade like it might if stored on disc or tape. When needed you can go back to review it or pass it along to law enforcement for review if needed.

Our team can help you set up a cloud-based storage solution that meets your facility’s needs. These storage solutions can grow as your healthcare facility grows. We can also ensure that any footage stored meets HIPPA compliance to keep your patients protected.

Installation and Maintenance of Healthcare Surveillance Solutions

healthcare surveillance solutionsThe Metropolitan Communications team can install the surveillance solutions you’ve selected for your healthcare facility. We can recommend the right locations for security cameras and choose the right cameras for your facility’s specific needs. With the proper vantage points covered, your cameras can monitor entrances and exits, as well as structures like parking garages.

When your system needs routine maintenance, our team can visit again to provide it. Keeping up with routine maintenance ensures that your system functions as it should and remains in the best condition possible throughout its life. The longer your facility uses it, the more money you save over time, which can be invested in other healthcare facility needs.

Get Customized Surveillance Solutions for Your Healthcare Center Today

If your healthcare center is looking for a surveillance solution, the team at Metropolitan Communications can help. We offer customized surveillance solutions for healthcare centers, including installation and routine maintenance, to help keep your staff and patients safe.

Contact us to begin exploring surveillance solutions for your healthcare center today.