Should My Business Have Emergency Lighting?

Emergency Light

As you consider the safety and security of your business, you might be wondering, “Should my business have emergency lighting?” Emergency lights can keep your business properly lit during unexpected outages or emergency situations.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to serve the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey, areas. Read on to learn how we can support you!

Emergency Lighting Increases Safety

Emergency Exit LightIf you’re wondering whether or not your business should have emergency lighting in place, the short answer is yes, you should absolutely have emergency lighting installed.

Emergency lighting is essential for your business’s safety. In fact, many businesses are required by law to have emergency lighting in place. In the event of a power outage, emergency lights are programmed to come on automatically and can illuminate exit points.

Along with providing backup lighting during power outages, emergency lighting can protect your business by keeping it consistently well-lit. For any business that operates for 24 hours, this kind of lighting can keep your customers and employees secure any time of day.

How to Find an Emergency Lighting Solution for Your Business

If you’re looking to have emergency lights installed in your business, our team can recommend the right solutions for your needs. At Metropolitan Communications, we partner with top emergency light manufacturers to ensure high-quality, trusted solutions for your business.

We proudly support several industries across Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey that can benefit from emergency lighting, including:

  • Retail 
  • Healthcare 
  • Education 
  • Manufacturing 

Once you have chosen your emergency lighting, our certified technicians can install everything and ensure it is working properly. They’ll provide instructions as needed and help you feel confident about the functionality of your emergency lights.

To learn more about our partners, solutions, and how we can install emergency lighting in your business, contact our team!

24/7 Emergency Lighting Maintenance & Support

Light RepairEmergency lights are designed to provide essential lighting during a power outage or other emergency situation. However, there may come a time when you need to have your emergency lighting serviced or repaired. No matter when you need maintenance done, our certified technicians are here to help you.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to offer 24/7 service and maintenance to support your business. If you experience an issue with your emergency lights, our team of technicians can be on the scene in little time to provide solutions and repairs, ensuring safety and reliability in any situation.

Contact Us to Ask About Our Emergency Lighting Solutions & Services

When you work with Metropolitan Communications for emergency lighting services, you can depend on reliable, advanced solutions that protect your customers, employees, and products.

Our team is proud to provide emergency lighting installations and repairs to your businesses around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ. Contact us today to discover your personalized solutions!

What Is the Difference Between Private and Public LTE?

LTE Connection

When considering communications systems for your business, you may come across the terms “Private LTE” and “Public LTE.” They sound pretty similar, and both ensure people have communications solutions, so you may wonder what the difference is.Metropolitan Communications is here to dig into that question. Our communications experts have experience in dealing with private LTE and public LTE and can make a recommendation for your specific situation.

What Are Private LTE and Public LTE?

Students in the ClassroomPublic LTE is a commercial system run by mobile network operators, such as Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T, for use by the general public.

This is the most common form of LTE and is used worldwide by most people. Smartphones, tablets, and laptops can access public LTE systems.

Private LTE is a wireless communication service designed specifically for private networks. Private organizations or governments own these and are only accessed by people with pre-existing permission. You may need specific hardware, software, or passwords to access a private LTE network.

Challenges of Public LTE

Governments often license public LTE networks and, therefore, must adhere to specific regulations and the rules of the corporation that runs the network.

Since this network is public, it must also be available to a vast audience. This means many people must share the public LTE network’s resources. If there’s a crisis or disruption to the public network, this can cause mass communication disruptions.

Public LTE networks may also only be available where public companies deem it worthwhile to include them in their coverage. Less populated or difficult-to-get-to areas may be left out of public coverage, limiting communication capabilities.

Challenges of Private LTE

Private LTE networks use dedicated spectrums. These spectrums may only sometimes be available if many other private LTE networks are already using that spectrum.

This can include needing to use an unlicensed spectrum or hop onto an existing spectrum, with permission from whoever owns it.

Benefits of Public LTE

Public LTE networks are designed to handle a lot of traffic and users. This means they’re optimized for higher bandwidth and uptime even when there’s much traffic.

You can also access public LTE quite easily by using a smartphone, laptop, or tablet capable of connecting to a network through an established corporation. No personal infrastructure is required.

Benefits of Private LTE

Private LTE networksPrivate LTE allow you to protect data and communications that happen through your business. Since only specific people can access the network, you eliminate additional risks with data that can occur when anyone can use the same network.

Private LTE also runs on its own infrastructure and equipment. You can install it seamlessly into your already established communications equipment and continue to use it as your business scales and changes in the future.

You have control over what happens to your private LTE network—where the most resources go and when maintenance happens, which can be during a less active period at your business.

Learn More About Private LTE Networks and How They Can Work for Your Business Today

If you believe a private LTE network may be the right fit for your communication needs, contact Metropolitan Communications.

We’ll create a communications solution that addresses your business’s specific needs and ensures your team has reliable and consistent communication.

Get started by contacting us today.

What is the Difference Between LTE and 5G?

No matter where you are, a reliable network connection is essential. With a variety of wireless network connections available, you may be wondering about the difference between LTE and 5G.

Below, Metropolitan Communications explores the differences between these two networks and how our team can help you stay connected. We proudly support Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey, industries.

LTE vs 5G Network

LTE and 5G are wireless networks allowing streamlined communications and quick data sharing between devices. Your industry can benefit from either connection when it comes to day-to-day operations.

How do LTE and 5G compare, and which is your better option? We’ll first take a closer look at each network:

What is LTE?

LTELTE, or “Long Term Evolution,” is an evolving connection almost universally available worldwide. Whether you are an individual searching for a network connection or an organization using wireless technologies to run your operations, LTE is likely to provide that needed connectivity.

In many cases, LTE is paired with 4G in order to streamline network connection. LTE also helps transfer data with lower latency, which is especially helpful for industries that rely on fast communications.

What is 5G?

5G is the 5th generation mobile network connection that is quickly evolving to global usage. Similar to 4G LTE, the 5G network is orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) based, meaning it consists of a multi-carrier modulation system that transmits data.

The purpose of 5G is to continue the evolution of wireless network connectivity by providing faster, more reliable services.

Should I Choose LTE or 5G Network?

LTE vs 5GWhether you choose LTE or 5G network, you can rely on fast communication and consistent connectivity. It’s important to remember that 5G is an evolution of LTE rather than a replacement. These networks can work in tandem to provide a fast, reliable connection for a number of devices.

Since 5G is the latest network evolution, it may not be as readily available as LTE or be able to support multiple devices at once. It may also offer less financial flexibility compared to LTE. However, using 5G can offer speedier communication and more reliable connectivity, especially as it continues to evolve.

At Metropolitan Communications, we partner with wireless network leaders to streamline your industry’s communications. When you work with us, we can help you determine whether a 5G or LTE network is best for you. Our team of trained technicians will be available to install and service your technology.

Contact Metropolitan Communications About Using LTE or 5G

When you need reliable network connections, you can count on Metropolitan Communications to install the right wireless technologies for your team. 5G and LTE networks can streamline essential communications and ensure efficient and productive operations.

Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ, industries can contact our team today to learn more!

Why Should I Be Using Private LTE?

Streamlined communication is essential when you’re on the job, whether you’re accessing crucial information or updating your team. Private LTE can help ensure you stay on task and have a consistent, reliable connection.

Metropolitan Communications supports industries around the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; New Castle County, Delaware; and Gloucester, and Camden County, New Jersey, areas. Learn why you should use Private LTE and how we can help!

What is Private LTE?

Private LTEPrivate LTE is a network designed specifically for an organization’s use. It provides access only to authorized individuals within the organization and can provide coverage across an area determined by the organization.

Private networks can also provide fast, interference-free coverage that relies on centralized coordination between access point radios rather than individual devices. This helps your private network withstand some day-to-day obstacles and interruptions.

Some additional benefits of using Private LTE include:

Supports Your Industry

Compared to a public network or Wi-Fi, Private LTE is designed to support people on your team or within your organization. Implementing a Private LTE can help several industries, including:

  • Public Safety 
  • Healthcare
  • Education 
  • Retail 

At Metropolitan Communications, we partner with several industry leaders to provide crucial methods of communication for these industries and more. We have experience working with these different industries and can help your team find the best solution for you.

Prioritize Productivity

SecurityWhen your industry uses a private network, you can streamline communications and essential day-to-day work more efficiently. This keeps your team on task and ensures that everyone is within reach at a moment’s notice.

Private LTE also has low latency compared to public networks. In an industry where efficiency is necessary, private networks can help get the right information to the right people.

Privacy & Security

Since Private LTE access is only available to authorized individuals, information is better protected and kept within your industry. Private LTE networks can be HIPPA-compliant—a benefit in healthcare and public safety—and can protect credit card information or personal information needed in the retail industry.

Peace of Mind with 24/7 Service & Maintenance

Tech SupportAlong with the security of a private network, working with Metropolitan Communications gives you access to 24/7 service and maintenance by our experts. While Private LTE is designed to streamline communications, our team understands that unexpected interruptions or network issues can occur.

Our 24/7 service and maintenance allow us to be on the scene in quick fashion and repair your network so that you can get right back to work. Our trained team has over 90 combined years of experience installing wireless communication systems.

Contact Metropolitan Communication to Start Using Private LTE

Private LTE can streamline essential communications in your industry and support the day-to-day operations of your organization. Our team proudly serves industries across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, as well as New Castle County, DE, and Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ.

If you’re ready to experience the benefits of using Private LTE, contact Metropolitan Communications today!

Using Two-Way Radios for Special Events

To ensure your special events run smoothly, your team will benefit from using two-way radios. Two-way radios provide instant, reliable communications, along with several features that support your team.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to support special events teams around Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Castle County, Delaware, and Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey. Learn more about the benefits of using two-way radios below!

Why Choose Two-Way Radios for Special Events?

Two-Way Radios for Special EventsWhether you’re managing a weekend wedding, holiday party, family gathering, or any other short-term special event, you and your team need to guarantee reliable communications. Two-way radios are designed to withstand the test of unpredictable weather, network, battery, and more.

What else can two-way radios do for your team? These features can support your special events by providing:

Fast, Clear Communications

When managing a special event, you need to ensure fast, clear communications with your team to stay on schedule. Two-way radios cut through background noise and make sure essential updates are heard.

The TALKABOUT® radios by Motorola Solutions are a great example of this. With tracking features as well as group- or individual-talk abilities, you can keep an eye on your crew and communicate updates as needed.

Long-Lasting and Durable Battery

No matter how late your event goes, you can count on your two-way radios to last. Take Motorola’s MOTOTRBO™ radios, for example. The XPR™ 300e Series delivers features like waterproofing and Bluetooth® while also offering up to 28 hours of battery life. That’s enough power to follow your team through setup, clean-up, and then some!

Two-Way Radios vs Cell Phones

Two-Way Radios vs Cell PhonesCell phones are one of the most popular methods of communication. So, why should you choose two-way radios over them? Compared to cell phones, two-way radios are designed to increase productivity by prioritizing communications against any number of potential interruptions.

Here are some of the benefits that two-way radios provide that you may not receive with cell phones:

  • Short-wave operations lead to fewer dropped calls
  • More affordable options for short-term events
  • Durable against concrete, water, and more

If you and your team want to learn more about our two-way radio solutions for your special events, reach out to Metropolitan Communications!

Our Team Provides 24/7 Support

When you shop for two-way radios at Metropolitan Communications, we continue to support you long after you’ve chosen your radios. One of the ways we do this is with 24/7 service and maintenance. Our experienced technicians can quickly address any complications, no matter when they’re needed, so you can run a smooth event.

You can talk to our technicians about any additional questions you have about your radios.

Find Two-Way Radios for Special Events at Metropolitan Communications

At Metropolitan Communications, we’re proud to support your special events with our available two-way radios. With their durability, user-friendly features, and reliable communications, we think two-way radios are a great solution for you and your team.

If you’re in the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, New Castle County, DE, and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ, areas, contact our team today to find the right radio solutions for you.

What Network Does Cradlepoint Use?

If you’re considering implementing Cradlepoint technology into your business, you might have some questions about its functionality. For example, what network does cradlepoint use to provide such secure connections? Metropolitan Communications is here to provide answers!

Below, you’ll learn more about the Cradlepoint network and how our team can help you install it. We’re proud to serve Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, New Castle County, Delaware, and Gloucester and Camden County, New Jersey.

Cradlepoint Network Operators

Cradlepoint Network Operators Cradlepoint technology uses Wireless WAN to keep you, your business, your customers, and your essential information connected at all times. To provide reliable LTE and 5G network connectivity, Cradlepoint has established close relationships with its North American network operators, including:

  • Verizon
  • AT&T
  • T-Mobile
  • Rogers
  • Bell
  • UScellular

By working with these network operators, Cradlepoint technology is compatibly designed and provides a best-in-class Wireless WAN experience.

How Does 5G and LTE Connection Support My Industry?

At Metropolitan Communications, we work with a number of different industries around Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware to provide reliable network connections. 5G and LTE connectivity through Cradlepoint technology opens a world of possibilities for these various industries.

For example, Cradlepoint technology can:

Access & Protect Private Data

5GIf you work in healthcare or public safety, quick access to personal information is crucial. Cradlepoint technology ensures you have what you need, when you need it, while also being HIPPA compliant. Additionally, it can streamline connections during critical or dire circumstances, ensuring you and your team can provide the right kind of care.

An Evolved Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is evolving, and Cradlepoint technology can help your business evolve with it. By implementing Cradlepoint technology into your retail store, you can improve digital efficiency and move the checkout process along. You can also operate your team, your inventory, and any pop-up stores or kiosks all in one place.

Advanced Education for All

With Cradlepoint technology, strong network connections keep your students focused on the task at hand while in school and then continue to support them outside of the classroom. From wirelessly connected school buses to improving a remote learning environment, Cradlepoint connections help all students have access to information needed to support their overall education.

24/7 Service & Maintenance at Metropolitan Communications

While Cradlepoint technology provides some of the most advanced and reliable connections, our team at Metropolitan Communications knows that sometimes, the unexpected happens. That’s why we’re proud to offer 24/7 service and maintenance.

If you experience a network disruption or need a professional to service your Cradlepoint technology, you can count on our technicians. 24/7 service and maintenance allow us to be on-site whenever you need us, so you can quickly get back on schedule.

Learn More About 5G and LTE Network with Cradlepoint

Using a strong, reliable network, Cradlepoint technology can support you on a day-to-day basis. Metropolitan Communications is proud to serve the Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, New Castle County, DE, and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ, areas with reliable network connections.

Contact us to discuss the right Cradlepoint solution for you and your team.


CradlePoint Equipment for Sale near Philadelphia PA

From public safety systems to school districts and private businesses, fast, reliable communications is essential. CradlePoint can deliver both speed and dependability with a variety of options, including 5G routers, cloud-controlled LTE, and Wireless WAN (WWAN).

If you’re shopping for CradlePoint equipment for sale near Philadelphia, PA, reach out to Metropolitan Communications. With over 60 years of combined experience, we remain a leading integrated wireless solutions provider that sells, supports, designs, and installs communications systems. Our team can help you find the right CradlePoint equipment for your needs.

CradlePoint Equipment Capabilities

Connect Students Beyond the ClassroomWhatever industry you’re in, speed matters. Whether you work in the public or private sector, communicating instantly makes your daily operations easier and keeps people safer. Using 5G and WWAN, CradlePoint equipment can help businesses and organizations like yours expand their reach and improve efficiency.

CradlePoint’s Wireless WAN technology allows organizations to use both public or private cellular routers, or adapters with existing infrastructure, to connect with colleagues and clients from anywhere. A few of the fields you’ll find CradlePoint equipment used in include:

  • Retail
  • Restaurants
  • Healthcare
  • Schools
  • Public Safety

By implementing CradlePoint’s WWAN equipment, businesses—such as stores and restaurants—can operate with fewer delays. Schools and healthcare facilities can also maximize their potential by improving communication, performance, and efficiency.

The same is true for public safety. Whether you’re monitoring a school or a corporate campus, relaying information, tapping into video surveillance, or sending security alerts quickly is critical.

Along the same lines, that kind of far-reaching communication equipment can be installed on fleet vehicles, like commercial vans and trucks, police cruisers, and ambulances. Wireless WAN lets units reach dispatch and other vehicles in no time and from anywhere.

At Metropolitan Communications, our experts are well-versed in CradlePoint technology and can help you choose the best equipment for your school, business, civil service, or organization. Regardless of your needs, our team will gladly customize your wireless network services to align with industry standards and your company or organization’s necessities.

Expert CradlePoint Equipment Installation

installationOnce you find the equipment you want, our technicians can install everything for you. Whether you’re in need of an entirely new system, want to add an adapter, or upgrade your existing system, we can make it happen.

Whatever system or set-up you’re interested in, we will make sure it works for your business or organization. Our highly trained technicians know the ins and outs of CradelPoint equipment, so you can feel confident in your communication system.

Reliable, 24/7 Service & Maintenance

In addition to helping you select and install the right CradlePoint equipment to suit your needs, Metropolitan Communications can keep your CradlePoint products functioning properly. We offer 24/7 maintenance to ensure your system continues working as it should.

Our technicians are ready to take care of anything that pops up whenever it’s convenient for you. They can inspect your equipment, fix any damages or connection issues, and upgrade your system as needed.

Contact Us for CradlePoint Equipment Quote Today

Ready to learn more about CradlePoint equipment for sale near Philadelphia, PA? If so, contact us at Metropolitan Communications for a quote today! We look forward to working with you to improve your communication systems with CradlePoint equipment.


Using Cradlepoint to Maintain Safe Internet Use at Schools

Maintain Safe Internet

In the world today, students require access to the internet. From researching topics to checking homework assignments and learning remotely, having fast, reliable internet is essential for students of all ages. Whether students are working in the classroom, cafeteria, or the library, it’s important for school districts to ensure they have secure connections, too.

As a leading integrated wireless solutions provider, Metropolitan Communications can help your school upgrade your network security with Cradlepoint technology. We proudly serve districts across Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, and Philadelphia, PA, as well as New Castle County, DE and Camden County and Gloucester, NJ.

Secure Connections On & Off Campus

Secure Connections With wireless edge routers, designed specifically for your school district, Cradlepoint offers both the equipment and technology your students need to succeed. Using Cradlepoint’s NetCloud Service, schools can utilize fast and reliable LTE and 5G wireless solutions.

Cradlepoint also features advanced security solutions that are in line with Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) standards. Some of the ways they prevent inappropriate content from campus networks include:

  • Application Control
  • Industry-Leasing Content Filtering
  • Network Segmentation
  • Secure Device-to Cloud Connections

In addition to keeping potentially dangerous or inappropriate content out of the classroom, Cradlepoint makes it easy for you to monitor and control the network. The NetCloud Manager allows you to see Wireless WAN activity, analytics, and more from a single screen.

Thanks to flexible LTE and 5G, your students, faculty, and staff, can get access from anywhere on campus. Whether students start their homework on the bus or need to submit an assignment before the big game, Cradlepoint’s Wireless WAN can help them get online and stay safe while they browse.

Expert Installation

At Metropolitan Communications, we’re always ready to help you choose the best technology for your district’s needs, and we can install the equipment for you, too. Our highly trained technicians can equip both buildings and your fleet of vehicles with the right cutting-edge Cradlepoint equipment for your campus.

Our team has over 90 years of combined experience, so you can feel confident your network will be installed properly. That way, you can focus on the day-to-day operations on campus, instead of thinking about your internet security.

Reliable, 24/7 Service & Maintenance

24/7 Service & Maintenance Every school requires maintenance to keep things running smoothly, and your district’s internet is no different. That’s why our team can provide service and maintenance whenever you need it. Our knowledgeable team is on call 24/7.

You can contact Metropolitan Communications for support any time, during in-service days, summer vacation, or while school is in session. If an issue can’t be resolved through troubleshooting, we’ll get a technician on-site to diagnose and fix whatever may be going on as soon as possible.

Learn More About Internet Safety for Your School

For more information on how Cradlepoint can help you maintain a safe internet connection, contact us at Metropolitan Communications. We’re happy to help schools like yours throughout Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, Philadelphia, PA, New Castle County, DE, Camden County, and Gloucester, NJ.

Choose the right equipment for your internet needs. Contact us for a quote today!

What Industries Should Use Intrinsically Safe Radios?

What Industries Should Use Intrinsically Safe Two-Way Radios

Two-way radios help improve safety in dangerous work environments. They keep teams connected with one-touch instant communication.

In hazardous work environments, employees take safety precautions by wearing personal protective equipment, or PPE. Your two-way radios should have PPE built in, too—and that’s exactly what intrinsically safe radios are. An intrinsically safe radio has a strong construction that can prevent combustion, even under intense conditions.

To see if intrinsically safe radios could benefit your industry, keep reading this guide from Metropolitan Communications. We design, install, and maintain wireless communications solutions for industries throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ.

What Are Intrinsically Safe Radios?

What Industries Should Use Intrinsically Safe Radios In high temperatures, electronic equipment can combust. In dangerous work environments, it’s good practice to keep electrical equipment protected from heat, flammable particles, and conductive materials.

Intrinsic protection is a safety designation that ensures electrical equipment is constructed to prevent ignition. Intrinsically safe radios are those that can withstand extreme elements without becoming dangerous themselves. They do this by isolating the radio’s electrical components and keeping its temperature regulated.

Industries that should use intrinsically safe radios are ones with higher risks of combustion or explosion. The National Fire Protection Association classifies workplaces based on the type of flammable materials and combustion risks present. Combustion risks can include:

  • Gasses and vapors: Hydrogen, propane, methane, and more
  • Dust: Metal shavings, coal, grains, and all fibers

In high-heat environments, flammable materials are more likely to combust. Intrinsically safe radios can withstand these risks without adding more liability.

What Industries Should Use Intrinsically Safe Radios?

Industries that should use intrinsically safe radios are those that require exposure to high temperatures and flammable materials, such as:

  • Public Safety: Firefighters, as well as EMTs and police officers, have to be prepared for the unexpected.
  • Utilities: Petroleum, gasoline, and methane are all highly combustible. In case of an emergency, rely on an intrinsically safe radio to communicate with your team or call for help.
  • Construction: Construction crews should use Motorola intrinsically safe radios to prevent radio damage in concrete dust, metal shavings, and gasses.
  • Manufacturing: High heat, dangerous chemicals, and high-powered electrical equipment all call for intrinsically safe radios on the production floor.
  • Agriculture and Food Production: Everyday foods, like rice, powdered sugar, nuts, and more can create flammable dust under high heat.

At Metropolitan Communications, we have decades of experience in identifying the best two-way radio communications solution for every enterprise. To learn more about whether intrinsically safe radios could benefit you, reach out to our experts today.

Motorola Intrinsically Safe Radios

What Industries Should Use Intrinsically Safe Radios Metropolitan Communications is proud to partner with Motorola Solutions, one of the most trusted two-way radio manufacturers. Their intrinsically safe radios exceed requirements and often also include other features for increased durability, like added waterproofing and emergency call buttons.

APX 8000XE: Designed with the help of firefighters, this intrinsically safe Motorola fire radio has what it takes to get the job done. It can withstand extreme heat and zero visibility and operates on the P25 network. It also offers:

  • Unique channel and volume knobs: Even in complete darkness, operate channels and volume with confidence. Their different shapes and sizes are easy to use and distinguish from one another.
  • T-grip: The APX 8000XE fits perfectly in one hand, and its large controls make it possible to operate while wearing gloves.

XPR 7000e: This next-generation Motorola intrinsically safe radio takes safety to the next level, thanks to integrated digital technology. This portable two-way can help keep your teams safer with features like:

  • Man Down: An integrated accelerometer can sense if the user has fallen and can automatically call for help.
  • Indoor location tracking: Keep track of coworkers’ whereabouts for added security.
  • Industrial-level noise cancellation: Make sure your message gets through loud and clear every time.

Intrinsically Safe Accessories

Every component of your two-way radio communications solution should be intrinsically safe, not just the radios. Metropolitan Communications can supply you with the highest-caliber intrinsically safe accessories for your Motorola radios, such as:

  • Headsets
  • Hearing protectors
  • Batteries
  • Public safety microphones

Metropolitan Communications

The Greater Philadelphia area is rich in industry, employing people in manufacturing, utilities, oil and gas, fire protection, and more. Keep operations moving with an intrinsically safe Motorola radio.

Reach out to Metropolitan Communications to see how we can help you find the best two-way radio for your needs in the region. We serve the areas near Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, Chester County, PA; New Castle County, DE; and Gloucester and Camden County, NJ.


Importance of Wireless Integration in Manufacturing

Importance of Wireless Integration in Manufacturing

When it comes to working efficiently in the manufacturing industry, communication is key. From monitoring your machinery to communicating workflow changes, it’s essential to keep your coworkers and employees updated to ensure safe and productive operations. Uniting different operations under wireless integration helps streamline business all around!

Metropolitan Communications has over 60 years of experience as communications integrators. We provide businesses with the wireless integration solutions they need to keep their company running smoothly.

We serve the Greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County, PA; New Castle County, DE; as well as the Gloucester, and Camden County, NJ, areas. We design, install, and maintain wireless integration solutions to maximize productivity.

Why You Need Wireless Integration

When staying in touch is crucial, wireless integration unites all forms of communication under the same umbrella. It streamlines communications in one secure network that connects you to the technologies you need to manage your business.

By arming your workforce with a dependable wireless network infrastructure, you’ll process orders, report data, and analyze workflow more quickly, thereby maximizing your ability to increase revenue.

What Can Be Integrated:

  • Importance of Wireless Technology Integration in Manufacturing Two-way radios: Merge radios into one fleet, so everyone can get in touch with each other, whether that person is on the manufacturing floor, behind the wheel of a delivery truck, or in the front office.
  • Security cameras: Monitor the floor, as well as entrances, exits, and loading bays to keep staff and property safe.
  • Wireless access points: A wireless access point is a hardware device that allows for Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network. Sync desktop computers with tablets, smart radios, and more.
  • Phone lines: Integrating phone lines makes it possible for someone in the front office to use the phone to contact someone’s radio on the other side of the plant. These wireless integration solutions even help corporations extend their networks to difficult-to-cable buildings. That way, your employees and associates will always have the connection they need to do their jobs. With this streamlined efficiency, it’s easier than ever to analyze workflows for gaps in productivity. Efficiency is everything in manufacturing. Wireless integration makes it easier.

Not only is this integration helpful in improving day-to-day productivity, but it also safeguards your crew in the event of an emergency. Being able to get in touch with coworkers at all times means faster responses to unexpected events, whether that’s inclement weather, an issue with machinery, or even a workplace injury.

Support Infrastructure: BDA and DAS Equipment

When in-building wireless signals are weak, there are a variety of causes. In some cases, weak signals are a sign of low wireless coverage; signals can’t reach a certain area, causing a dropped call.

In other cases, wireless signals are weak because of an issue with signal capacity. In these instances, a signal might be able to reach certain areas, but too many users can cause an overload.

In manufacturing, a plant may have thousands of personnel in one area: machinists, supervisors, administrative assistants, delivery drivers, and more. Imagine how easily a network supporting all this staff could get overloaded. With an in-building signal-boosting solution, everyone gets the connectivity they need.

Metropolitan Communications has decades of experience pinpointing the root causes of poor in-building wireless signals and designing custom solutions. From radio and cellular connectivity to Wi-Fi connectivity, in-building signal boosters are a wireless integration solution that meets the needs of a variety of different industries, especially manufacturing.

When it comes to in-building signal-boosting solutions for wireless integration, there are a few different kinds of additional infrastructure that can help. Two of the most common are BDAs and DAS equipment, or Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Distributed Antenna Systems, respectively.

In-Building Signal Booster: Bi-Directional Amplifiers and Distributed Antenna Systems

BDAs, or Bi-Directional Amplifiers, are antennas that guarantee wireless communications signals can reach all areas of a building, even those more secluded areas like basements, stairwells, and elevators. These are usually employed to enhance wireless signal coverage.

DAS, or Distributed Antenna Systems, are a communications solution that enhances signals using an external receiver and in-building antennas, and they can be designed to correct issues with either coverage or capacity. In DAS solutions, the in-building antennas are often Bi-Directional Amplifiers, or BDAs.

BDA and DAS equipment work with only one type of wireless signal; a cellular BDA would not enhance radio signals and vice versa. For this reason, employing more than one BDA/DAS solution is often essential.

Public Safety Communications Regulations

Not only does BDA/DAS equipment help streamline day-to-day operations, but they are also legally required in many jurisdictions. In case of an emergency, first responders such as police officers, firefighters, and EMTs need to be able to communicate without any interruptions or lost calls, regardless of where they are in a building.

Strong in-building signals are essential for the manufacturing business that wants to protect its employees and keep production moving seamlessly. Working with machinery can increase the risk of injury, and in case of an accident, BDA/DAS solutions mean a swift response to any calls for help—and a swift return to normal operations.

There are a few regulatory bodies that oversee legal requirements for in-building signal boosters. Some of the legal codes include:

  • National Fire Protection Association: NFPA 72 Chapter 24 requires 90% in-building coverage, as well as 99% coverage for critical areas like fire pump rooms, elevator lobbies, and exit stairs and passageways.
  • International Fire Code: IFC codes require 95% in-building wireless signal coverage, and that coverage must meet a minimum signal strength of -95 dB.
  • Federal Communications Commission: The FCC requires designated public safety radio channels be kept clear for first responders. Your signal-boosting system must be able to support these bandwidths, which are typically in the 600 MHz to 900 MHz range.

In the same way technology is always growing and changing, so are legal requirements surrounding wireless communications. Luckily, we have experts on hand to help you navigate local fire codes; in fact, we have technicians who are FCC certified.

Two-Way Radios for Manufacturing

Two-way Radios for ManufacturingMaintaining clear communication is important for any type of business. This is especially true for the manufacturing industry, where miscommunications can impede production or cause accidents.

Fortunately, two-way radios and other wireless communication solutions are a great way to safely and securely stay in touch.

Two-way radios help increase productivity and safety in manufacturing. With the one-touch communications of two-way portable radios, it’s easier than ever to check in on progress reports from the other side of the production floor.

Equip your workspace with two-way radios to allow your coworkers and colleagues to quickly check on data and solve problems with the touch of a button. For instance, instead of walking across the factory to verify information, continue working on your task and get the answer you need at the same time.

Metropolitan Communications is proud to partner with some of the leading manufacturers of two-way radios, including Motorola Solutions and JVC Kenwood.

The manufacturing industry consists of many moving parts—literally. Depending on specific needs, we recommend a variety of two-way radios.

Two-Way Radios for Manufacturing

One of the most popular portable two-way radios we supply is the Kenwood NX-3220/3320/3420. With durable construction, built-in GPS, and active noise cancellation, this two-way radio has almost everything workers could need. Best of all, though, is its adaptability. It can operate with analog or digital protocols, so it seamlessly integrates into an existing fleet.

For those who work on the floor, the Motorola SL 7000e Series is a great fit. Superior ambient-noise-cancelling technology makes sure that loud machinery doesn’t drown out messages. However, one of the most useful features this radio has is its Man Down feature. Using a built-in accelerometer and indoor GPS location tracking, this radio can sense if the wearer has fallen down and can automatically call for help.

For those who work in more extreme environments, the MOTOTRBO™ Ion Rugged Commercial Smart Radio is an intrinsically safe two-way radio that can survive drops, dust, moisture, and more. A specially designed touchscreen means users can wear gloves to operate it, and smart engineering means users can also use this radio to access customizable apps for monitoring security cameras, logging work hours, and more.

Integrate Phone Lines

Two-way radios are great for those who need to be up and active on the jobsite. Phone lines are important, too, though, especially since they are often the main method of contact for clients.

Let us provide you with advanced tools for voicemail management and call forwarding. With state-of-the-art call processing, avoid stressful system malfunctions or missed messages.

In addition, it’s possible to include phone lines in wireless integration solutions too. Use an Interconnect Gateway System to make phone lines and radio channels interoperable. This works by connecting incomparable systems through specialized hardware, making it easier than ever to integrate new technology into a legacy suite as needs change.

With an Interconnect Gateway System, exchange data between two different kinds of networks—which includes phones and two-way radios. One interconnect gateway we often recommend for manufacturing is the MOTOTRBO™ XRI 9100. This advanced gateway makes it possible for a phone user to initiate a call to a radio and for a radio user to call a phone straight from the radio keypad.

With this integration, the days of waiting for someone to return to their office to answer the phone are over. Calls from clients can go straight from the front desk to the floor, decreasing downtime and increasing productivity.

Two-Way Radios vs Cell Phones

The first cell phones hit markets in the ‘90s, and although they started as a niche tech product, they’ve since overtaken landlines in most capacities. It’s for good reason too. Cell phones can do almost anything: make phone calls, stream videos, take photos, connect to apps and the internet, and more. However, when it comes to a wireless integration communications solution for manufacturing businesses, two-way radios are a better fit. Here’s why:

  • Durability: Go ahead, use your two-way radio without a protective case. It’s designed to endure falls, spills, dust, and more. You can’t say the same for your more fragile cell phone.
  • One-touch communication: Instead of taking off protective equipment to unlock a phone, dial a number, and then wait for someone to answer, a two-way radio only requires the push of a button to broadcast any message loud and clear. This improves workflow times and doesn’t require employees to pull away from their work.
  • Improved productivity: Much like cell phones, many two-way radios offer customizable business apps. However, with a two-way radio, there is less risk of personnel getting sidetracked with checking social media and using the internet for personal purposes.
  • Cost: Cell phones require a sizable up-front investment, and after that, service contracts and fees. For the budget-conscious, these costs add up quickly. With two-way radios, you can get all the functionality of smartphones with a one-time payment.

Video Surveillance

Loss prevention, employee safety, quality control, insurance liability—these are just some of the reasons why a video surveillance system is an integral part of your wireless integration solution. Thankfully, with high-tech cameras and analytic software, controlling advanced security systems is easier than ever.

Metropolitan Communications works with Avigilon, a Motorola Solutions company that specializes in cutting-edge video security solutions.

Some of the best video cameras for the manufacturing industry are those from the H5A Explosion-Protected Camera Line. Like the name suggests, these durable cameras are internationally rated to capture crisp footage in almost any environment, which is perfect for an industry that often involves hazardous materials and heavy machinery.

These strong cameras are made even better, thanks to the addition of Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software. This artificial-intelligence software helps security personnel be proactive rather than reactive in the event of a potential safety risk.

For instance, the Appearance Search makes it possible to find video footage of a person or vehicle of interest as easily as finding a web page after an internet search. Instead of combing through hours of footage, upload a photo of the person or vehicle, and the software can pull up any matches. It is even possible to search video footage based on physical descriptors, like age group, gender, and clothing color.

Best of all, when this video surveillance is part of a wireless integration solution, it’s easy to access footage from anywhere, not just the security office.

Secure Data Solutions

Wireless Integration for Manufacturing All this data needs somewhere safe to live. That’s where cloud-based data storage comes in.

Cloud-based storage isn’t a weather phenomenon—it’s a way to manage software and services using the internet rather than locally on a computer. Since internet-based storage is accessible from anywhere, it streamlines remote work and makes video surveillance footage easier to sort through and other files easier to access.

More importantly, cloud-based storage is safer than relying on a computer’s hard drive. New technology makes it easier than ever to organize a business’s operations, but new technology also means new kinds of security threats. The manufacturing industry is one of the most vulnerable for data breaches and cyberattacks. Hackers can access computer files via malware, phishing schemes, and more.

However, with cloud storage, information is automatically encrypted, and as more security measures evolve, updates are automatic—one less thing to manage on top of running a business in a fast-paced industry. With a secure data solution, you can keep your enterprise safe from both internal and external threats from cyber criminals.

Guarantee Complete In-Building Coverage with a Wireless Access Point

Wireless Access Points, abbreviated as WAP or simply AP, make it possible for Wi-Fi devices to connect to a wired network.

Access Points help with in-building connectivity because they make it possible for devices to connect without a wired connection, which is especially useful in older, larger, or otherwise hard-to-wire buildings. Ensure connectivity in all corners of your facility, even those hard-to-reach areas like basements and stairwells.

Some Access Points also provide internet-customization capabilities, such as blocking users from certain websites, sending email alerts about potential security threats, and accessing control scheduling. The Access Points we offer come with built-in encryption for more security too.

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