How Do I Increase My Two-Way Radio Range?

Two-way radios are an excellent communications solution for any industry. They’re durable, long-lasting, and feature advanced technology that meets your team’s needs. However, some two-way radios are restricted by a certain range, which may make communications more challenging.

Luckily, there are plenty of solutions available. If you’re wondering, “How do I increase my two-way radio range?” Metropolitan Communications is here to help you find the answer.

Increase Your Antenna Height

Man in a warehouse holding a two-way radio with a long rangeThe antenna on your radio is what sends out the radio signal when in use. Many two-way radios come with the ability to swap out the physical antenna on the radio. For maximum range, consider a whip antenna. Whip antennas can be as long as six inches and are flexible for easy portability.

If your two-way radio is part of a vehicle, add an antenna to the exterior. This helps set up your radio for the best range and is an easy way to increase the height of your antenna without taking up too much space inside the car.

Enhance Your Two-Way Radio Infrastructure

The placement and type of two-way radio infrastructure you use can affect your two-way radio range. Radio signals travel in straight lines, and buildings, mountains, trees, and hills can interfere with those radio signals. Your radio tower’s antenna should be placed as high as possible to increase the signal’s range as far as possible.

If you want your radio signal to be stronger, another option is to add a repeater. A repeater picks up the initial radio signal and then repeats the signal to send it further. A repeater tower or system uses several signals to complete this process: one radio signal receives the frequency, and another sends it back out.

Bi-directional amplification (BDA) systems can help extend a two-way radio’s range inside buildings and hard-to-reach locations like parking garages or basements. These are commonly used in many buildings to ensure first responders can communicate during an emergency.

Make Sure Your Radio Is Fully Charged and Powered Up

two-way radio with long range being held by a man outdoorsA full battery and giving your two-way radio all the power it needs to function can make a difference in your radio’s range capabilities. If your two-way radio has a removable battery, consider if a more powerful battery is compatible with your radio. This can help you get more power and boost your radio signal.

Many radios come with a feature that allows you to put maximum power into the functionality of the two-way radio. This lets you transmit and receive signals as far as possible.

Unable to enhance your radio’s power any further? Get as high up as possible to ensure that the radio’s range can travel above any terrain or artificial obstacles.

Increase Your Two-Way Radio’s Range with Solutions from Metropolitan Communications

If you want to explore one of these options for increasing your two-way radio’s range, let the experts at Metropolitan Communications help. Our team can create a customized solution to help your business stay connected when on the go or even across your corporate campus. Contact us today to discuss two-way radio range solutions.