Two-Way Radios for Sale West Chester, PA

Two-Way Radios for Sale

Determining whether your West Chester enterprise could benefit from two-way radios is quite simple. Just ask yourself: Do you need reliable, fast, and secure real-time communication? Then you can benefit!

Metropolitan Communications works all over the Greater Philadelphia area, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County, PA, as well as Gloucester and Camden County, NJ; and New Castle County, DE.

Keep reading to learn more about the two-way radios that could work best for your industry near West Chester, Pennsylvania. At Metropolitan Communications, we proudly partner with Motorola Solutions and JVC Kenwood to sell two-way radios. We also create and install custom wireless communications systems.

Two-Way Radio Infrastructure and Accessories

Of course, Metropolitan Communications can help with more than just two-way radios. We’re here to help you create a communications solution, and that sometimes involves other infrastructure to make your two-way radios as effective as possible.

BDA/DAS Solutions

For businesses that require clear wireless signals across large areas, like from the penthouse of a hotel to the basement, we can install a custom BDA/DAS solution for you. A BDA is a Bi-Directional Amplifier, and it enhances wireless signal coverage in hard-to-reach areas, like basements, stairwells, and elevators. With a BDA system in place, you can keep in touch with coworkers wherever they are in the building.

A DAS, or Distributed Antenna System, is a communications solution that uses external signal receptors and internal antennas to capture a wireless signal and ensure its strength indoors. These are often required in structures with thick walls or concentrated populations, like hospitals, courthouses, and schools.

These in-building signal boosters can enhance either wireless radio signals or wireless cellular signals, and many enterprises find it beneficial to have us install both types. In a mobile-first world, coworkers and customers alike expect reliable cell service everywhere they go. When it comes to the logistics of running an operation, guaranteed radio coverage means more efficiency.

Most importantly, though, reliable in-building wireless coverage can save lives in an emergency. In fact, many local legal codes require Bi-Directional Amplifiers in certain buildings.

With BDAs and DAS solutions in place, the two-way radios as well as the cellular network you use will perform at their best.

Our team is certified and trained with Motorola and JVC Kenwood products, some of the best manufacturers in the business. You can work with our experts to find the best two-way radios for you, depending on your industry.

Public Safety

First responders have to be ready for anything at a moment’s notice. When every second counts, unreliable communications can be deadly. Thankfully, a two-way radio solution can guarantee clear communication. Even in remote locations or so-called “dead zones,” our wireless communications solutions, like digital radios and dispatch consoles, can keep you in contact with other emergency responders.

When it comes to the two-way radios we sell for West Chester first responders, one of the most popular options for public safety officials are P25 radios. These are also called Project 25 radios, and they are devices that meet a government-standardized set of communications requirements.

One of the most common P25 radios we supply is the Kenwood NX-5000 Series[KM2] . These triple-digital radios combine the power of three digital CAIs: NXDN, DMR, and P25. With added FM analog capabilities and interoperability with legacy radios, these ensure seamless integration into a growing suite. It can receive several different kinds of wireless signals, and in turn, can automatically send the user’s response in the same mode received. This high-tech P25 radio from Kenwood saves time when it matters most.


In education, keeping staff in touch with each other facilitates learning and enhances safety.

The Kenwood NX-1300 Digital UHF Radio is a great fit for schools. It’s compatible with different radio brands that operate on the same frequency, so your school can easily adapt if communication needs change. The flexibility doesn’t end there, either. Whether you want to take advantage of its cutting-edge digital tech or rely on the simplicity of analog, the highly capable NX has you covered with clear audio for every call.

Enhanced safety features make this a great fit for the classroom too. For instance, the Lone Worker function is a proactive method of monitoring users’ whereabouts when they’re not around coworkers. Coaches in the field, maintenance personnel in the basement, and everyone in between can know that no matter what, someone else knows where they are. This kind of assurance helps with the day to day, and it also helps in emergency situations, like during a fire drill.

If your educational facility has more in-depth communications needs, read our case study to see how we recently helped a Southeastern PA school district. We’re happy to bring these same solutions to West Chester-area schools.


Healthcare facilities are designed to offer the best care possible to patients, but that isn’t possible if medical professionals can’t get in touch with each other—and if they don’t have the safest possible environment to treat patients in. Capable two-way radios can solve both of these issues.

Two-way radios that offer an exceptionally long battery life, built-in safety features, and rugged durability are a great fit for those who work in healthcare.

One two-way radio that provides these benefits is the XPR 7350e from the MOTOTRBO™ XPR 7000e line. This military-tested radio has a battery life of up to 29 hours—enough to last even day-long shifts.

In addition to being tough, it’s got all the latest tech, too, including integrated Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® 4.0. A built-in accelerometer means that this radio can sense if the wearer has fallen and can call for help.

To learn more about how we have helped hospitals in the area, read our healthcare case study!


Quickly help customers and bolster your loss-prevention strategies in the process with two-way radios for your retail business. One great option is the MOTOTRBO™ CP200d™, an analog portable radio. It’s versatile and powerful, and best of all, its no-nonsense design makes it ultra-simple to use.

As an added bonus, it features Transmit Interrupt technology. If you have an urgent message that you need to deliver to all staff—say, for instance, to announce the arrival of the delivery truck—this feature pauses other communications to make way for that important announcement.

With an accessory like the Motorola PMLN6533 Earbud Style Earpiece, staff have push-to-talk capabilities in a sleek, discreet package that’s comfortable enough for all-day wear. These are also a great option for store managers who may need to keep tabs on multiple departments throughout the day.


In manufacturing, staff often deal with loud machinery, so the best two-way radio will be one that offers superior ambient-sound-canceling technology. Two-way radios from the Motorola SL 7000e Series fit the bill. The SL 7550e has advanced noise cancelation to ensure your call is heard even in noisy environments, which can help enhance safety and productivity.

Another safety feature for this two-way radio is the optional Man Down feature. It uses a built-in accelerometer to sense if the wearer of the radio has fallen and can call for help. Indoor GPS location tracking means you can keep tabs on everyone too.

The SL 7550e can help your team stay on task, too, with applications such as Work Order Ticketing that help you organize priorities as they come up. Then, with Voice Announcement and Text-to-Speech features, you can keep your communications hands-free, so everyone can stay more focused on what’s in front of them.

Commercial Construction

New construction tends to feature the latest technology, so your construction crew should have the highest-tech two-way radios too.

The MOTOTRBO™ Ion Rugged Commercial Smart Radio is an intrinsically safe two-way radio built for any environment; in fact, it’s completely dust-tight and can survive being dropped onto concrete or submerged in water.

Its touchscreen is highly rugged, too, and can even be operated with gloves. At the same time, it’s smart enough to not respond to false inputs, like from spilled liquids. Use this touchscreen to access customizable apps for logging work hours, monitoring security cameras, and more.

Pair it with the IMPRES™ 2 Li-Ion 2900Ah TIA4950 UL Battery to deliver an even longer battery life. This battery is certified for use in HAZ LOC environments, enabling the radio to survive even the harshest environmental conditions.

Efficiency-Enhancing Accessories

One-touch talk, noise-canceling microphones, and strong signals mean that two-way radios will make your team safer and more connected than ever. However, it’s possible to increase safety and efficiency even more with the help of two-way radio accessories.

Accessories can be anything from hands-free earpieces to belt clips. Some of the most helpful accessories we offer include standalone batteries. Cut downtime by always having a charged battery ready to go.

How Metropolitan Communications Can Help in West Chester, PA

Metropolitan Communications serves areas near West Chester, including Bucks County, Montgomery County, Delaware County, and Chester County, PA, as well as Gloucester and Camden County, NJ; and New Castle County, DE.

We’re here for you every step of the way—from an initial walk-through and assessment to the creation of your two-way radio solution and its installation. Once our experts finish installation, we’re still ready to assist with 24/7 service and maintenance.