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Gloucester, NJ, is a township in Camden County that’s home to more than 63,000 people. It’s a large town that’s spread out over 23 square miles with several vibrant communities and neighborhoods. There’s plenty of local shopping and attractions that make this town a great place to live or start a business.

While there’s a variety of industries that call this town home, most require communications solutions to ensure that everything is running smoothly and efficiently. For day-to-day operations, addressing an issue, or responding promptly to an emergency, the need for two-way radios in Gloucester, NJ, is paramount.

If you’re looking for two-way radios for your local business, department, or industry, Metropolitan Communications is here to help! Our team is happy to provide solutions for all of your communications needs!

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Two-Way Radios vs Cell Phone

When it comes to communicating to your workforce or team, having two-way radios is crucial. Cell phones may be the most popular form of communication today, but there are plenty of advantages to choosing two-way radios for your operation.

Although cell phones are reliable, they have a few drawbacks. Today’s phones are very advanced, but they’re also quite expensive, taking into account not only the actual phone, but monthly plans and added protection in the event that they break. They’re also susceptible to damage if dropped or submerged, which would require a replacement.

In comparison, two-way radios are highly durable and can withstand impacts and even submersion. They’re also inexpensive by comparison, as they don’t require a monthly payment. Another factor is security. Cell phones can hold your private information, but if stolen or misplaced, your information could be at risk.

While cell phones do have security measures in place, like codes and facial recognition technology, this could backfire during an emergency situation if the camera doesn’t recognize you or if you’re unable to insert your code. Two-way radios involve a simple button to engage the conversation or to send a message.

Why You Should Pick Two-Way Radios Over Cell Phones for Your Business

While cell phones are used universally across the world, when it comes to your business and communications, they may not be the best fit. There are plenty of reasons why you should go with two-way radios over cell phones.

Cost is important to consider. When you buy a radio, or buy in bulk, it’s a one-time payment with no additional fees for contracts or add-ons. Cell phones, on the other hand, require monthly payments (which can add up with each phone that you buy). There are also various data plans you’ll need to factor in when buying phones for your team.

Cell phones, while sophisticated and cutting-edge, can actually lead to worker distraction due to their impressive capabilities. This includes access to the internet, social media apps, and games, which can be hard to resist during the workday. Opting for two-way radios, on the other hand, cuts out the temptation.

Audio, Safety & Battery Life: Why Two-Way Radios Are Superior

Sound quality is important when you’re trying to convey a message or get in touch with a team member. If the sound quality isn’t great, there could be a mix-up or miscommunication.

Cell phones can experience poor sound quality due to low signals. However, radios include a dual-microphone system that ensures that background noise is eliminated and that you’ll be heard loud and clear.

Both two-way radios and cell phones use batteries to function. When new, cell phone batteries can last a long time. However, over time, the battery life can degrade and run out quicker—especially if there are open apps and spotty Wi-Fi connection.

The battery life of a two-way radio is designed to last throughout the whole workday, so there’s no need to worry about losing power because you can simply charge it at the end of the day.

A factor that should be considered often is team members’ safety. Two-way radios eliminate workplace distraction because their one basic function is to communicate. Their ease-of-use even allows team members to access the radio blindly while focusing on important tasks. Because of the bright screen, capabilities, and features, using a cell phone could result in accidents.

Two-Way Radios for Sale near Gloucester NJ

If you’re looking to improve your team’s communication for your day-to-day operations or to address issues directly, two-way radios are the way to go. Our team is certified with Motorola Two-Way Radios. This manufacturer’s lineup of models is pretty impressive, to say the least.

We offer plenty of options for you to consider that can benefit your business or department, including:

  • APX P25 Mobile & Portable Radios: Highly durable and reliable, these radios are the gold standard of two-way communication! They come with an easy-to-use touch interface that allows you to easily send alerts or crisp and clear messages to the right parties.
    • Features a durable exoskeleton that’s resistant to impacts, falls, and even submersions.
    • Contains the Extreme Audio Profile, which helps reduce background noise to ensure communication is clear.
    • Has a one-touch interface, making it simple to send or receive calls.
  • APX400H P25 Portable Radios: If you’re dealing with some remote work in tough conditions, this model is made for you and your team. It’s designed to last through impacts and submersions. They’re even tested by the military in the world’s harshest conditions. They feature a two-microphone system that’s designed to limit loud noise from your environment, so you can get your message across clearly. There’s also a portable handheld receiver, allowing you to easily access and send messages while it’s attached to your belt.
    • Durable frame to help prevent breakage from drops or impacts.
    • Includes a dual-microphone system to enhance the audio clarity to eliminate loud noises while delivering high-quality audio to you and your call recipient.
    • Features a detachable handheld receiver, making response time quicker while juggling multiple tasks at once.
  • APX Siren & Lights Interface Module (SLIM): This interface, designed for emergency vehicles, makes it easier to activate the lights and siren when heading to an emergency situation. It’s designed with a one-touch system to limit driver distraction while en route. Whether it’s an ambulance, squad car, or fire truck, this system lets you easily select the exterior lights. There’s a PA system built in, so you can address the crowds or notify other emergency responders.
    • Includes a one-touch system that is designed to make it easy to access the lights and siren while reducing driver distraction.
    • Features an on-board PA system and handheld microphone to use to address crowds that are forming, bystanders, and other emergency personnel.

Choosing the Right Two-Way Radio for Your Gloucester NJ Business or Industry

The Gloucester area is filled with a variety of businesses, departments, and industries that require two-way radios for their daily use. Given the capabilities, range, and security of the various channels, these radios are vital to addressing issues, getting a message across, or receiving updates about changes. Contact a remote worker, someone on duty, or get a message to headquarters with clarity and ease.

Our Motorola Two-Way Radios are perfect for your industry:

  • Construction: There are a lot of team members working on jobsites, so remaining in contact with reliable radios that can cut through loud noises is crucial in construction.
  • Delivery Industries: Whether there’s an urgent package or a change in location, being able to contact a driver at a moment’s notice is vital to making sure that deliveries are getting through on time.
  • Emergency Services (Fire, EMS, Police): There’s a lot to get across in an emergency situation, so having a reliable form of communication is incredibly important! Notify team members or let the public know of an emergency through sirens and PA systems.
  • Healthcare: Staying in contact is part of what helps healthcare workers provide the necessary attention to the public. Whether it’s an emergency on the next floor or an incoming patient, these two-way radios will keep your staff and community in the know.
  • Retail/Manufacturing: Keeping track of production and inventory is crucial for retail and manufacturing. Whether it’s assisting a customer or keeping tabs on output, these radios can help.
  • School Facilities: Maintaining a safe and secure environment for students is crucial to the school day. Whether it’s tracking visitors, monitoring hallways, or addressing an emergency situation in a timely manner, two-way radios can be a vital tool at any school facility.
  • Security Detail: Monitoring a property requires direct communication for investigating an alert or keeping in touch during patrol.

Boost Your Signal with Our BDA Solutions

Ensuring a strong signal for your two-way radios is imperative whenever you need to contact your team. Whether it’s a specific team member or an urgent message across all comms, having a strong enough signal can ensure that your message is received.

One way to boost your signal is through Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDAs). These components can be installed at your headquarters or the site of your work to help increase the range and sound quality of your two-way radio systems. Our team can guide you through the installation and operation procedures, so you get the most out of your communications.

Bi-Directional Amplifiers can be crucial, especially for emergency services, so nothing gets lost in static or range and all your communications come across clearly.

Two-Way Radio Maintenance

Having reliable forms of communication is crucial. However, should an issue occur that affects communication, you’ll want to have the problem solved promptly. Time lost to malfunctions means precious job time is lost. We want to prevent that.

Our team offers 24/7 maintenance contracts that can assist you if problems arise, especially during off-hours, weekends, and holidays. A radio technician will come out to you, diagnose the issue, and provide the necessary maintenance and repairs to make sure that it’s back to functioning at its best.

Partner with Two-Way Radio Experts near Gloucester NJ

When you’re ready to provide communication solutions to your industry with two-way radios, you can easily get started by partnering with the experts. At Metropolitan Communications, we’ve got more than 60 years of communications experience to share with you. We’re here to help you pick the right Motorola Two-Way Radio for your Gloucester, NJ, industry. We’ll be able to make sure that you have the right systems for your department, team, or business!

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