Installation Specialist (Eddystone)

Location: Eddystone

Job Title: Installation Specialist

Department: Installation

Position Overview: Outfit Emergency Vehicles (Police, Fire, Ambulance and Mobile Command Vehicles) with lighting, sirens, horns, etc. This work is physically demanding and requires individuals to work from A-Frame step ladders 6 to 12 ft to access rooftop antennas and lightbars. Most emergency vehicle installations require the individual installer to crawl in cramped spaces of trunks and under the dash of vehicles for hours and sometimes days at a time to install wiring and components of systems. This position requires a lot of bending, squatting, kneeling and balancing for long periods of time.

Installation specialists are required to install rooftop antenna, and cabling systems throughout and on top of schools, hospitals, 911 Centers and other commercial buildings. This work requires the individual to carry, climb and work from 30 ft extension ladders to install brackets, cabling, and antennas. Individuals must be able to climb multiple flights of steps carrying necessary tools, concrete blocks, antenna systems and fixtures necessary to complete the installation. At times, this process of climb and carry can be repeated by the individual many times in one day.

All individuals desiring an employment position with Metropolitan Communications must possess a valid driver’s license and agree to a background investigation and drug screening prior to employment.